History of science and technology 1

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Department of Economics, Management and Humanities

This subject provides basic information on the development of science and technology in the world and at home from the earliest times to the present. The course is aimed primarily at explaining the significance of key levels of technology development, industrial revolutions and their impact on society.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction - History of Science and Technology.

2. Heuristics basic field.

3. Technology of the Prehistorical times and of the Ancient in the Area of the Czech lands.

4. Production, Its Organization and Technical Equipment in Feudal and Renessance Societies.

5. Comparison of University and Technical Education.

6. Protoindustrial and industrial System.

7. The First Industrial Revolution in the Europe countries.

8. From Highlight to Illumination.

9. Systems of communication.

10. The Second Industrial Revolution and Urbanisation.

11. Development of Electrical Engineering.

12. Acceleration of the Technology development after 1945.

13. Present Modern Technologies - automatisation, internet, nanotechnology etc. .

14. Technology Assesment of the Impact of Technology on Society.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction - Scientific Discipline Science and Technology and developement of the subject.

2. World and Czech Science and Technology Archives, Museums and Libraries.

3. Technology of the Prehistorical times and of the Ancient in the Area of the Czech lands.

4. Medieval and renaissance technologies in the czech environment.

5. Development technical education in the Czech lands and Czechoslovakia

6. Guilds and Protoindustrial in the Czech area.

7. The First Industrial Revolution in the Czech land.

8. Economic changes in Czech Society after the First Industrial Revolution.

9. The Second Industrial Revolution, Urbanisation and Czech Society.

10. Reflection of the czech arts.

11. Technology and Daily Life in the 19th and 20 th Centuries.

13. The important scientists and engineers.

14. Technology and the World by the turn of the 20th and the 21th Centuries in the Czech republic.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. PATURI, F.R.: Kronika techniky, Praha 1993 (A Chronicle of Technology, Dortmund 1988.)

2. EFMERTOVÁ, M. K vývoji české elektrotechniky od druhé poloviny 19. století do roku 1945. ČVUT, Praha 1997.

3.EFMERTOVÁ, M. Osobnosti české elektrotechniky. ČVUT, Praha 1998.

4. JÍLEK, F., SMOLKA, I. (eds.): Studie o technice v českých zemích 1800-1945. Díl 1.-6. NTM, Praha 1983-1995.

5. Studie o technice v českých zemích 1945-1992. Díl 1.-3., NTM, Praha 2003.

6. DVD - Obrazy z českých dějin 1914-2004. Praha 2008.

7. Propyläen Technikgeschichte. 5 bds. Berlin: Propyläen Verl.,1990-1992.

8. PAULINYI, Ákoš. Průmyslová revoluce: o původu moderní techniky. Praha: ISV, 2002.

9. MAYR, Elisabeth. Die Industrialisierung der böhmischen Länder: ein Vorzeigemodell der Habsburgermonarchie. München: GRIN, 2008.

10. BENSAUDE-VINCENT, Bernadette, BLONDEL Christine (eds). Science and Spectacle in the European Enlightenment. London: Ashgate, 2008.

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