Implementation algoritms in radioelecronics

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Department of Radioelectronics

PhD students' education and their research activities are focused on the problems of effective implementation algorithms in radio electronics by signal processors, processors with more arithmetic units (universal and signal processors) and with support hardware accelerators in FPGA circuits. Optimization of the algorithm is concentrate on minimalisation computational complexity by utilization multirate digital signal processing and hardware accelerators.


In the course suppose the knowledge of the ground digital a microprocessor?s technique and digital signal processing.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Digitization of the signal in the basic, MF and HF bands. Features A/D converter

2. Implementation of digital filters in the basic, MF and HF bands

3. Signal Processor VLIW series TMS320C6xxx and its programming

4. Programming processors with multiple arithmetic units

5. Decimační and interpolation filters

6. Using sampling frequency change to the effective implementation

7. Combining and distribution of signal in bands, signal compression

8. Implementation of the digital IF subsystem and the RF band programmable circuits

9. Implementation of the digital modulator and mixer with DSP

10.The implementation of circuits and demodulators for reconstruction symbol rate

11.Implementation Goldových and JPL codes, scrambler and descrabler

12.Application of adaptive algorithms in radio

13.Up / down converters, description, properties and applications

14.Architecture and important characteristics of multiprocessor systems

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Software for analysis and synthesis of discrete systems

2. Fundamental design FIR and IIR filters in Matlab

3. Simulation of the influence of finite precision calculation

4. DSP development tools, Code Composer Studio

5. Effective implementation of decimation and interpolation

6. The use of resampling the signal to the effective implementation of filters

7. Implementation of the filter with oversampling of the VLIW processor series TMS320CC6416

8. Effective implementation of the consolidation and distribution of the signal into bands

9. The implementation of lossless compression signal TMS320C6416

10.Implementation of the D-QPSK modulator for TMS320C6416.

11.Implementation of the D-QPSK demodulator for TMS320C6416.

12.Implementation of convolution and correlation algorithms

13.Implementation of FFT algorithms, the DFT TMS320C6416

14.Presentation of individual projects, credit

Study Objective:

In the course suppose the knowledge of the ground digital a microprocessor?s technique and digital signal processing.

Study materials:

1.Skalický, P.: Číslicové systémy v radiotechnice. Praha : Vydavatelství ČVUT, 2004. 201s. ISBN 80-01-02854-2

2.Dahnoun N.: Digital Signal Processing and Implementation using the TMS320C6000 DSP Platform, Prentice Hall, 2000,


4.Analog Devices: High Speed Design Technique, Analog Devices, Norwood, 1996,368p.

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