Principles of Sustainability

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32ME-P-PSUS-01 ZK 3 2P+0C English
It is not possible to register for the course 32ME-P-PSUS-01 if the student is concurrently registered for or has already completed the course 32MC-P-ZUDR-01 (mutually exclusive courses).
It is not possible to register for the course 32ME-P-PSUS-01 if the student is concurrently registered for or has previously completed the course 32MC-P-ZUDR-01 (mutually exclusive courses).
It is not possible to register for the course 32ME-P-PSUS-01 and for the course 32MC-P-ZUDR-01 in the same semester.
Garant předmětu:
Michael Pondělíček
Michael Pondělíček
Michael Pondělíček
Institute of Public Administration and Regional Studies

Part of the course is an explanation of the history of the concept and the procedure to sustainability, the most up-to-date directions and thought processes in current global, European and Czech politics. The course, among other things, focuses on the practical knowledge of students, so managers from practice will be invited to the lessons. Part of the course will be a visit/excursion. The procedural focus of the course allows to apply the knowledge in the practice of the development of regions and cities, but also in administration and regional administration, or envigogic.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. History of the concept of SD, concept of SD and previous concepts

2. Sustainable development and its pillars and attributes

3. Derived terms and activities – Agenda 21, strategic plans of SD and public administration

4. Agenda 21 at the local level and their procedures, application in the Czech Republic

5. Genesis of Agenda 21 and their development in the Czech Republic, incl. SD criteria and indicators, public


6. Sustainable development strategy at national and regional level, sustainability assessment

7. Indicators of SD and legal standards for sustainability in the Czech Republic, the role of public administration and

authorities, Global Development Goals and MDGs

8. Original and development trends of SD to the present, differences in the concept of SD in the world and in our

country, penetration of UR into laws and into life and corporate strategies

9. Current trends and development of sustainable development in the Czech Republic and the world, guidelines,

procedures, organizations supporting SD

10. News in SD – resilience, adaptation to the effects of climate change, mitigation

11. Covenant cities, Green procurement, Fairtrade, Low carbon technology, GRW, Sustainable tourism

12. LivedirectionsofdevelopmentofSDinthepresent,EastagainstWestanddemocracy,perceptionofsustainability

and principles between the USA, EU, China, Russia and India, or the rest of the world at the current level during

the war and changes in the Green Deal.

13. Disinformation, alarmism, ecoterrorism and coercive actions, organizations, characters

14. Excursion to some SD applications in the practice of regional development

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The study objective of the course is to introduce students to the issue of sustainable development (SD), to acquaint them with the concepts and basic legal norms of the Czech Republic and EU directives, or UN documents.

Study materials:

Basic literature:

PONDĚLÍČEK, M., ŠILHÁNKOVÁ, V. Principles of Sustainability. Study text. Praha: ČVUT, 2022.

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DESAI, A. Global Sustainability and Innovation. 2nd ed., Cognella Academic Publishing, 2017. ISBN 978-1516520817.

Recommended literature:

FIFEKOVÁ, E. et al. Dilemmas of economic growth: the path from unlimited possibilities towards responsibility? 1.vyd. Praha: Wolters Kluwer, 2021.

ISBN 978-80-7676-042-4.BRINKMANN, R. Introduction to sustainability. 2nd edition. Hoboken: Wiley Blackwell, 2021. ISBN 978-1-119-67546-4.

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