High-voltage Testing

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Department of Electrical Power Engineering

The aim of the subject is the introduction of metrological system and testing procedures in the field of high voltage techniques. It brings overview of modern diagnostic methods that are applied in electrical power systems. The subject opens questions in evaluation and interpretation of test results from the application of diagnostic methods and high-voltage tests.


Requirements to obtain the assessment are exercises attendance and a term thesis elaborating.

Successful exam passing is determined in the Study and Examination Code of CTU in Prague.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Metrological system and high-voltage testing.

2. High voltage laboratories.

3. Insulation systems and their properties.

4. Ageing of insulation systems, electrical stress types, break-down and flash-over processes.

5. High voltage tests and their evaluation.

6. Technical diagnostics, diagnostic systems.

7. Diagnostic of electrical rotating and non-rotating machines.

8. Cables diagnostic.

9. Diagnostic of surge arresters and power circuit breakers.

10. Methods of insulation oils analysis.

11. Special non-electrical diagnostic methods.

12. Evaluation and interpretation of diagnostic methods results.

13. Possibilities of expert systems usage in diagnostic.

14. Monitoring systems.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Safety rules for work in laboratories and in service, high-voltage laboratory introduction.

2. High-voltage tests - introduction and team work tasks.

3. High-voltage tests - practical realization of team work tasks.

4. High-voltage tests - team work results presentation.

5. Dissipation factor and capacity measurements.

6. Recovery voltage method.

7. Partial discharge measurement.

8. Detection of transformer winding faults - SFRA method.

9. Detection of transformer winding faults - LVIM method.

10. Cable lines faults detection.

11. High-voltage laboratory equipment - excursion.

12. Insulation oils diagnostic - excursion.

13. Realization of expert systems in Matlab environment.

14. Laboratory records check and assessment.

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Study materials are available at www.powerwiki.cz.

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