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Industrial Toxicology

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15PTOX ZK 2 2+0
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Department of Nuclear Chemistry

Industrial toxicology is interested in effects of xenobiotics on human beings, particularly in human environmental and professional exposure scenarios. Another part of this subject is evaluation of environmental damages caused by human activities to natural systems. Main body of subject is study of toxicological effects of different groups of chemical substances on human body and description of toxic substances produced by industrial technologies. Important part of subject is study of natural toxins which can affect humans in environment together with industrial areas.


Basic knowledge of inorganic, organic and biochemistry at the undergraduate level is required.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction into Industrial and Environmental Toxicology. Pathways of toxicants into organisms. Bioavailability. Receptors. Elimination. Elimination halftime. Antidotum. Acute toxicity. Chronic toxicity. Mutagenicity.

2.Toxicology of Environment. Exposition limits. Health aspects.

3.Toxicological parametrs. EC50, LD50, NOEC, LOEC. Calculations.

4.Main groups of industrial intoxication. Professional risks.

5.Endocrine disruptors. Hormonal system. Bioassays. Imunosupresors.

6.Biocides. Insekticides. Pesticides. Antibiotics. Cytostatics.

7.Pharmaceuticals in Environment. Indirect exposition. Sources of emission. Ecotoxicology of Pharmaceuticals.

8.Toxic metals. PAHs. Persistent organic pollutants.

9.Toxic substances of technological processes - anorganic and organic compounds. Gas pollutants. Air particles. VOC.

10.Protection and prevention in industrial plants.

11.Algal toxins. Cyanotoxins. Fungal toxins.

12.Plant toxins. Toxic plants. Allelopathy.

13.Animal toxins. Venomous animals.

14.Biological and chemical terorismus.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Aim of the course is to give students a good knowledge of the adverse effects of the industry on man and his environment. Special attention is paid to the health effects of individual pollutants.

Study materials:

Key Reference: Wayne Landis, Ming-ho Yu: Introduction to Environmental Toxicology, CRC Press, Lewis Publishers 2004

Recommended references: Michel C. Newman: Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology, Ann Arbor Press 1998

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