X-ray Photonics

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12RFO ZK 2 2+0 Czech
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Ladislav Pína
Ladislav Pína
Ladislav Pína
Department of Physical Electronics

More than one hundred years has passed since the discovery of X-ray radiation. X-ray radiation has become intensively studied and used part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Development of photonics in this part of the spectrum is with increasing intensity stimulated by development in the field of astrophysics, hot plasma physics, macromolecular biology, material sciences and nanotechnologies, especially X-ray lithography to enable further development of information technologies. Lectures cover sources of X-ray radiation, X-ray interaction with matter, X-ray optics and detection.


Basic courses of mathematics and physics, atomic physics, electricity and magnetism, theory of electromagnetic field and optics.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.

2.X-ray sources - acceleration and deceleration of charged particles and quantum transitions.

3.Synchrotron, X-ray tube, hot plasma, laser plasma, Z-pinch, X-ray laser.

4.Interaction of X-rays with matter, absorption, scattering, cross-section coefficients, complex index of refraction, f1 and f2 functions.

5.Refraction and reflection of X-rays from a boundary between two media, Fresnel equations, micro roughness, modified Fresnel equations.

6.Optics based on refraction (classic lens, structured refractive optics).

7.Total external reflection, optics based on total external reflection (plane mirror, parabolic, ellipsoid, Kirckpatrick-Baez, Wolter, Schmidt and Lobster Eye mirrors).

8.Optics based on diffraction (Fresnel lenses).

9.Optics based on diffraction (crystal optics, monochromatization of X-ray radiation).

10.Multilayer systems (ML mirrors, ML optics).

11.X-ray detection and spectroscopy (gas and semiconductor detectors of X-ray radiation, multichannel analysis).

12.X-ray imaging (2D detectors and X-ray cameras).

13.Applications of X-ray photonics (astrophysics, hot plasma physics, macromolecular biology, material sciences, nanotechnologies, X-ray lithography, )

Syllabus of tutorials:

Absorption of X-ray radiation in selected media. Design of total external reflection and multilayer mirrors for selected applications.

Study Objective:

Knowledge: Basics of X-ray physics and X-ray interaction with matter

Capabilities: Computational skills regarding X-ray transmission

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] Michette, A.G.: Optical systems for soft X-rays

Recomended references:

[1] Attwood, D.: Soft X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation

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