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Laboratory Technique

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15LAPR KZ 3 0+4
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Department of Nuclear Chemistry

This course covers basic laboratory training and is designed for students of „Chemistry in Science“, „Teaching of Chemistry“, and „Biology“. The course puts the laboratory experience of the students gained at secondary school to an equal level and gets them ready for all following laboratory trainings. After absolving of the course, the students have the basic skills including handling the most frequently used laboratory equipments (pH-meter, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, vacuum rotary evaporator) and have the necessary information about safety rules as well as about writing laboratory diaries. The training is organized in blocks of four hours a week. The students work in groups of two according to a firm schedule so that each group absolve the complete set of (all) 10 exercises during semester. In the exercises, measurements of properties of unknown samples, basic synthetic and purification operations and basic methods of analyses are involved.


Knowledge of chemistry on the level of graduate from a secondary grammar school.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

List of exercises:

1. Preparation of glycine

2. Determination of dissociation constant of acetic acid

3. Electrolytic preparation and electrogravimetry

4. Preparation of complexes I

5. Preparation of complexes II

6. Preparation of pentyl acetate

7. Determination of distribution coefficient of iodine

8. Preparation of colour pigments

9. Rectification and gas handling

10. Spectrophotometric determination of solubility product

Study Objective:

The course puts the laboratory experience of the students gained at secondary school to an equal level.

The students will acquire competence to successfully follow all following laboratory trainings.

Study materials:

Key literature:

1.Jan Kotek: Laboratory techniques, Charles? University Publishing House Karolinum, Prague 2007

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