Technology of Low Temperatures and Superconductivity

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Department of Electrotechnology

Thermodynamic principles of cooling. Equipments for achievement of low temperatures, liquifiing of gases. Ultralow temperatures. Properties of isotopes of He and selected gases. Physical properties of solids at low temperatures. Principles of superconductivity theory, transport currents, stability of superconductivity state, weak superconductivity, tunneling phenomena. Properties and technology of metallic and high temperature superconductors. Thermal insulation of low temperature equipments. Low temperature thermometry. Accessories and work in low temperature laboratory. The use of low temperature technology in practice.


Student has to take part of practical trainings and to obtain a credit before an examination

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Thermodynamic principles of cooling

2. Equipments for obtaining of low temperatures

3. Methods and equipments for ultralow temperatures (below 1K)

4.Thermodynamic properties of selected gases

5.Thermodynamic properties of helium

6.Thermal capacity and conductivity of solids in low temperatures

7.Electric conductivity of solids in low temperatures

8.Principles of theory of superconductivity

9.Transport currents in superconductors

10. Stability of superconductors

11. Properties and manufacturing of metalic superconductors

12. Properties and manufacturing of high temperature superconductors

13.Transport of heat at low temperatures

14. Low temperature thermometry

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Information about laboratory tasks,safety

2. Applicatin of cryogenics in practice,seminar

3. Accessories and work in low temperature laboratory,seminar

4.Types of thermal insulating systems used in practice,seminar

5. Explanation of lab.tasks I

6-8. Laboratory measurements

9.Explanation of lab.tasks II

10-12. Laboratory measurements

13. Weak superconductivity and tunnelig phenomena,seminar

14. A credit

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1] Haselden, G. G.: Cryogenic Fundamentals, Academia Press, London and New York

[2] Lounasmaa, O., V.: Experimental Principles and Methods Below 1 K, Academia Press,London

[3] Adams,C.S.,Rus,E.: Laser Cooling and Trapping of Neutral Atoms, Progr.Quant.Electr.21,Elsevier Science Ltd.,1997

[4] Trappeniers,L. and coll.: Critical currents,pinning forces and irreversibility fields in YBaCuO single crystals with columnar defects in fields up to 50 T, Physica C 313,Elsevier Science Ltd.,1999

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