Measurement and Data Acquisition Systems

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XP38SYS ZK 4 2P+2L Czech
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Department of Measurement

The subject introduces the principles and technical means of data acquisition in the laboratory and industrial environment. Attention is paid to both hardware and software aspects of the integration of systems for data acquisition and process control.

Laboratory exercises are designed in part in the form of classical tasks, partly in the form of problem-oriented tasks in the field of programming of automated measurement systems and control of measurement processes.


Basic knowledge of circuit theory, electronics and programming in C language.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Instrumentation for data acquisition (DAQ) systems - overview

2. Sensors for non electrical quantities measurement and circuits for the connection.

3. Circuits for analog signal processing. Linearization, autocalibration.

4. Digitization of analog signals, methods for digital signal processing. Data interpretation and methods for improvement of measurement accuracy.

5. Hardware for data acquisition and control, industrial controllers.

6. Noise and noise reduction methods.

7. Operating systems for DAQ systems. Development of software applications.

8. Integrated development systems. The use of C/C++ language and graphical programming (LabVIEW, VEE).

9. Standards for DAQ systems programming (SCPI, VISA, IVI).

10. Automation of laboratory experiments.

11. Modular DAQ systems, serial interfaces, wireless measurement systems.

12. Modular instrumentation, virtual instruments.

13. Structure of multifunction DAQ modules, programming.

14. Integration of DAQ and control systems, practical aspects, realization.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Assignment of projects focused on programming DAQ systems.

2. Integrated development system for Win32/64 application, introduction.

3. Integrated development system for Linux application, introduction.

4. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.

5. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.

6. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.

7. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.

8. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.

9. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.

10. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.

11. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.

12. Solution of assigned projects - consultation.

13. Projects testing.

14. Project presentation, evaluation.

Study Objective:

Practical introduction to the problems of automated measuring systems, their design and programming.

Study materials:

[1] NI-VISA User Manual. National Instruments Corporation, September 2001.

[2] NI-VISA Programmer Reference Manual. National Instruments Corporation, March 2003.

[3] Mitchell, M. - Oldham, J. - Samuel, A.: Advanced Linux Programming. New Riders Publishing, June 2001.

[4] Grehan, R. - Moote, R. - Cyliax, I.: Real-Time Programming. Addison Wesley, 1998.

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