Magnetism in Engineering Practice

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XP38MPX ZK 4 2P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Pavel Ripka
Pavel Ripka
Pavel Ripka
Department of Measurement

Students will be introduced into the magnetic materials, magnetic sensors and engineering magnetism including FEM design and magnetic measurements and testing. The content of this advanced course can be modified according to the students´ needs.


Mathematics and physics on engineering level

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Advances in magnetic materials 1: permanent magnets, nanocrystalline and amorphous soft magnetic materials

2. Advances in magnetic materials 2: thin films, nanowires, Deposition technologies, annealing

3. Magnetic measurements

4. NMR, ESR and applications

5. superconductivity, SQUID, applications

6. Magnetic sensors

7. FEM design: basics and 2D

8. FEM design: 3D

9. FEM design for AC

10. Superconducting magnetometer and VSM

11. Mössbauer spectroscopy

12. Domains and domain imaging, Kerr microscopy

13. Applications in geophysics, navigation

14. Discussion

Syllabus of tutorials:

Concentrated sessions and technical visits to magnetic laboratories.

Typical programme:

1. Conventional characterisation techniques: DC

2. SQUID magnetometer

3. Deposition and annealing

4. Fluxgate sensor

5. Calibration techniques

6. FEM design 2D

7. FEM design 3D

8. FEM design 3D: individual work

9. AC measurement techniques

10. Kerr microscopy

11.Field prospection by proton and Overhauser magnetometers

12. Mine locators

13. Field trip to magnetic observatory

14. Reserve

Study Objective:

The graduate will be able to design and simulate magnetic circuit, measure its properties, test magnetic materials and magnetic sensors.

Study materials:


1.Jiles, D.: Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (3rd edition). CRC 2015

2.Ripka, P. (ed.): Magnetic Sensors and Magnetometers, 2nd edition, Artech, Boston, ISBN 1-58053-057-5, 2021


1.Alex Hubert, Rudolf Schäfer: Magnetic Domains: The Analysis of Magnetic Microstructures, Springer 2014

2.S. Tumanski: Handbook of Magnetic Measurements, CRC 2011

3.F. Fiorillo: Characterization and Measurement of Magnetic Materials, Elsevier 2004

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