Geometrical Optics

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12GEOP Z,ZK 4 3+1 Czech
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Department of Physical Electronics

The lecture covers the basics of geometrical and instrumental optics. It systematically discusses the theory of optical imaging, matrix description of optical systems, and optical aberrations. It is also devoted to energetics a colorimetry of optical beams, radiometric and photometric quantities and units. It describes most common optical instruments used in practice.


It is recommended to study and pass the subject Physical Optics 1 (12FOPT1), or some of its equivalents.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Basic principles of geometrical optics, ideal imaging and projective geometry

2.Possibilities of image realization, paraxial space, paraxial imaging by centered optical systems

3.Matrix description of paraxial optical systems, confinement of ray beams

4.Optical aberration of elements and systems, practical demonstration of optical design software

5.Energetics a colorimetry of optical beams, radiometric quantities a units

6.Photometric quantities a units, color perception and measurement

7.Building elements and blocks of optical instruments, optical materials, their properties and parameters

8.Elementary optical instruments

9.Optical instruments a their properties, human eye

10.Magnifying glass, ocular, microscope, illuminative systems

11.Telescopes, collimators, camera

12.Projectors, cinematography, spectrometers, monochromators

13.Practical demonstration of optical instruments

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Geometric optics calculations with two refracting surfaces: prism and wedge refraction.

2.Atmospheric refraction as the basics for stellar refraction.

3.Imaging with ideal imaging system (characterized with the axis, principle planes, and focal planes).

4.Matrix description and characterization of a geometrical ensemble of optical elements: a practical training.

5.Gaussian wave within geometrical optics concept (infinite periodic system).

6.Practical demonstration with optical instrumentation.

Study Objective:


background and more advanced knowledge of geometrical optics, vision, radiometry, functioning and construction of optical systems and instruments.


orientation in the field of geometrical optics, skills in its practical usage and application, e.g. in analysis and usage of specific optical systems and instruments.

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] Elektonické texty na webu: http://optics.fjfi.cvut.cz

Recommended references:

[2] Saleh B.E.A., Teich M.C.: Fundamentals of Photonics. J.Wiley, New York 1991; český překlad Základy fotoniky, Matfyzpress Praha 1995.

[3] Born M., Wolf E.: Principles of Optics. Pergamon Press, London, 1999 (seventh edition).

[4] Hecht E., Zajac A.: Optics. Addison Wesley, London 1974.

[5] Katz M.: Introduction to Geometrical Optics. World Scientific, Singapore 2002.

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