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Computer Networks 2

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01SITE2 Z 2 1+1 Czech
Garant předmětu:
Miroslav Minárik
Miroslav Minárik
Department of Mathematics

Understanding the history and present network (LAN, WAN, use the principles and technologies). Architecture of reference model ISO/OSI. Network protocols, practical exercises with TCP/IP communications. Internet services - mail, remote access, www. Secure communication, tunneling.

Directory services, certificates, certification authorities, public key infrastructure (PKI). Use in practice. Network security - firewalls (packet filters, proxies, gateways, NAT, DMZ), practical exercises.

(According to the interest - the serial control lines, modems)


Programming basics and Algorithmization (in the extent of the courses ZPRO, ZALG held at the FNSPE

CTU in Prague).

Syllabus of lectures:

6th Network and computer security (firewalls: packet filter, proxies, gateways, NAT), virtual private network

7th Directory services, identify real world entities, ASN1, LDAP, LDIF

8th Certificates, CA, public key infrastructure

9th Electronic Signature

Syllabus of tutorials:

5th Access to the directory service, LDAP LDIF

6th Simple CA based on OpenSSL

7th Encryption, digital signature (the Java JCE)

8th Interconnection networks, routing, firewall (filtering, NAT)

Study Objective:

Knowledge: use of secure channels, principles of electronic mail, directory services and their use, public key infrastructure, firewall principles.

Skills: Build a secure transmission channel, work with certificates, basic routing and firewall settings.

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] Scott Oaks, Java security, O'Reilly, 2001

Recommended references:

[3] William R. Cheswick, Steven M. Bellovin, Aviel D. Rubin, "Firewalls and Internet security: repelling the wily hacker?, ADDISON-WESLEY, 2003

[4] Gert De Laet, Gert Schauwers, "Network security fundamentals?, Cisco Press, 2004

[5] William Stallings, "Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice?, Prentice Hall, 2006


[6] http://www.protocols.com/

[7] standardy "RequestForComments? (http://www.ietf.org/)

Media and tools:

Computer training room with Windows/Linux and programming languages Java, C, C++, Pascal.

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