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Application of Radiation Methods

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15APRM ZK 2 2+0 Czech
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Viliam Múčka
Viliam Múčka
Department of Nuclear Chemistry

The beginning part is devoted to the quantities and units of interaction of ionizing radiation with matter, the description of radiation sources and facilities. Next chapters are devoted to radiation technologies such as sterilization, cross-linking and degradation of polymers,

polymerization, grafting and curing, radiation treatment of agricultural products, radiation synthesis, Last but not least, attention is devoted also to radiation processing in environment, , radiation in medical applications, economic considerations and dosimetry in context of safety.


Basic knowledge of physical chemistry namely reaction kinetics

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Basic terms in radiation chemistry.

2.Interaction of ionizing radiation with matter.

3.Irradiation with elektromagnetic radiation.

4.Irradiation with accelerated elektrons and ions.

5.Radiation sterilizations.

6.Cross-linking and network formation in polymers.

7.Degradation of polymers and halogenated hydrocarbons.

8.Curing and grafting of polymers.

9.Radiation treatment of food products.

10.Radiation treatment of waste water,sewage sludge and exhaust gases.

11.Applications in medicine practice.

12.Preparation of biomaterials.

13.Economic considerations of radiation processing.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Following is the goal of study: to acquire the knowledge of principles of radiation chemistry applied in various regions and the competence to apply it in practice.

Study materials:

Key reference:

Spinks J.W.T., Woods R.J.: Introduction to Radiation Chemistry, 3rd edn., Wiley,

New York 1990

Recommended references:

1.Farhatazis, M.A.J. Rodgers (Eds): Radiation Chemistry. Principles and

Applications, VCH Publisters, Inc. New York 1987.

2.Wishart J.F., Rao B.S.M. (ed) Recent trends in Radiation Chemistry. World

Scientific Publishing, London 2010.

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