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Experimental Laboratory 2

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02PRA2 KZ 6 0+4 Czech
Garant předmětu:
Jaroslav Bielčík
Jaroslav Bielčík, Josef Bobek, Jakub Čaloud, Ayanabha Das, Nikolas Denner, Ekaterina Grecká, Sára Haidlová, Diana Mária Krupová, Lukáš Lobko, Ondřej Lomický, Jitka Mrázková, Monika Robotková, Solangel Rojas Torres, Michal Svoboda, Libor Škoda, Jakub Štěrba, Tomáš Truhlář, Marek Tunkl
Department of Physics

Lecture is intended especially for students who intend to study some of the physical specializations of FNSPE(branch Physical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering). But it can be also attended by students interested in the otherspecializations. In Experimental laboratory students learn how to prepare for experiments (including work with theliterature), the implementation of the measurement (acquire of different experimental procedures and routines), willteach writing the records of measurement, processing and evaluation of results. At the same time practically extendthe knowledge gained in lectures on physics.


Knowledge of basic course of physics

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Capacity, electrostatic field.

2. Ferromagnetic hysteresis.

3. RLC circuits, driven and dumped oscillations.

4. Line spectra of Hg and Na spectral lamps using prism spectrometer.

5. Rtg spectrum of Mo anode.

6. Geometrical optics.

7. Microwaves.

8. Polarization of light.

9. Interference and diffraction of light.

10. Thermo-emission of electrons.

11. Specific electron charge, energy loss of alpha particles in gases.

12. Spectrum of gamma radiation.

Study Objective:


Advanced experimental and analytic methods and experimental procedures


Application of the mentioned methods on specific physical experiments, processing and evaluation of results

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] J. H. Moore, M. A. Coplan, S. C. Greer, Building a scientific apparatus, Cambridge University Press 2009

[2] J. D. Wilson, C. A. Hernández-Hall, Physics Laboratory Experiments, Cengage Learning, 2014

Recommended references:

[3] J.R. Taylor, An Introduction to Error Analysis (2nd ed.), University Science Books, 1987

[4] C. Tilley and J. Nicholson: Practical Experiments in Physics, Blake Education, Leichhardt, 2002


laboratory of the department of physics

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