Managerial Counting

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Department of Management and Economics

The course is oriented to project management approach. During the course are solved cases that respond to practical situations. The cases are stressed on cost-returns calculations, on the solving interactions among costs, capacity of resources and the price. And also on the calculation typical kinds of variations and their explanation and the selection of the appropriate managerial decision. The students are concerning on the right way of operational budget creation and assessment. The link on the internal company accounting is shown and explain. The computerized models are used by explanation.


Basic course Management and Economics of the Enterprise

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Objectives, structure and tasks of the course. The role of technician-manager. Managerial calculations and their importance. Links to other courses. Why calculations should support decision making. Basic elements of the company management system and their mutual relationship. The importance of costs in management calculations. Managerial significant breakdown of costs. Alternative approaches to the application of the break-even point calculations.

2.Corporate budgets and plans. Purpose, structure and process of creation and evaluation.

3.Managerial work with budgets. Variants of corporate budgets. Their creation and evaluation.

4.Managerial meaning of calculation. Suitable alternatives of the calculation formula and work with the calculation formula. Basic calculation methods and procedures and their application.

5.Variants of the hourly cost tariff method and their application.

6.Analysis of budgetary deviations, dynamic and recalculated budgets.

7.Investment decision-making and its methods.

8.Variants of investment financing and their cost implications.

9.Three-balance system, its content and its use for managerial management.

10. Annual plan - its content, use and creation process.

11.Measurement of company performance. Indicative indicators and their informative ability.

12.Integration links in business management system, links between information systems.

13.Conclusion, recapitulation of the main message of the course, summary of basic knowledge and discussion on the content and benefits of the course.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Explanation to the goals of the seminars. Program and rules. Creation of the student?s teams. Starting suggestion of the model enterprise parameters for each team.

2.Break even point analysis, alternatives of application. Solving cases.

3.Case studies - illustration of the relationship between cost, capacity and price.

4.Operating budget: creating an operating budget based on the interaction of activities and their capacity, allocation of resources and cost calculations of individual items.

5.Cost calculation - application of vertical variant hourly cost tariff method in combination with variable cost calculation for allocation of costs to the products.

6.Analysis of budget deviations and their managerial interpretation.

7.Quantification of cash-flow generated by an investment project.

8.Application of static and dynamic methods for investment evaluation, evaluation of various forms of investment financing.

9.Creation of annual business plan - 1st part.

10.Creation of annual business plan - 2nd part.

11.Presentation of semester works - 1st part.

12.Presentation of semester works - 2nd part.

13.Conclusions, evaluation. Crediting.

Study Objective:

To basic goal of this course is in introducing the key managerial counting needed in technical applications. That means the calculations required during the new product development or innovation and those required for new or innovative processes or activities in industrial, namely in manufacturing enterprises. The objective lies in presentation in which way these calculations are done, what are their key principles and which are basic techniques. The emphasis is also on the presentation and explanation gained results and their application by typical managerial decisions.

Study materials:

The primary materials are shared at moodle-vyuka.cvut.cz.

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