Fluid dynamics - Tutorial

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Department of Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics

The basic course in fluid dynamics deals with fundamental laws of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics and their application on the basic problems, as 1D flow in ducts, estimation of pressure losses, simplified solution of unsteady flow. Basic information on more complicated problems (laminar and turbulent flow, boundary layer theory, flow sepparatrion) are introduced as well.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Basic laws of hydrostatics.

2.Euler - hydrostatic Equation, its integration.

3.Hydrodynamics, pressure, velocity and flow rate measurement.

4.The similarity in hydro and aerodynamics.

5.Laminar and turbulent flow.

6.Flow in ducts. Pressure losses.

7.The integral law of conservation of momentum.

8.More complicated cases

9.Boundary layer and its separation.

10.2 and 3D problems.

11. Aerodynamic properties of immersed body, lift, drag.

Syllabus of tutorials:

The subject is connected to the programm of the subject Fluid Mechanics.

Study Objective:

Introduction, basic properties, quantities and units, Fluid statics, development of the hydrostatic law, Forces on submerged surfaces, buoyancy, Ideal fluid in motion: basic laws - continuity equation, Bernoulli equation, linear momentum equation, discharge from vessels, one-dimensional pipe flow, Frictional and local losses, Principles of pressure, velocity and discharge measurement, 6. Unsteady one-dimensional flow, 7. Relative flows, 8. Force action on fluid jet, 9. Laminar flows, 10. Turbulent flows, 11. Flow past bodies, boundary layer, drag and lift, wing theory, 12. Dimensional analysis and model theory, 13. Potential flow theory, 14. Navier-Stokes equation

Study materials:

1. White, F. M.: Fluid Mechanics, 3rd ed., New York, 1994, 2. Munson,B.,Young,D.,Okiishi,T.:Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, 2nd ed., New York,1994, 3. Douglas, J., Mathews, R.: Solving Problems in Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 1 and 2, Longman, Malaysia, 1998

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