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Globalization in Business

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Department of Management and Economics

Enterprising in time of globalization presets markets as social structures, in which producers reproduce their own set of action. The role pays a self-selection aspect derived from the signaling theory, sometimes under conditions imperfect information. In this object the significances of process for generating and reproducing hierarchy among produces in a market is presented. It develops a conception of a market as a status order, in which each producer?s differs by providing a unique cost and a revenues for manufacturing a good of a given level of quality. The task of object is to elaborate a general framework that makes explicit the connection between status and economics variables, such as cost, revenue and price. We proceed from the micro to the macro level. Considerable difficulties remain in setting transfer prices. The process of transfer pricing and pricing methods is presented.

Syllabus of lectures:

The structure of market relations. Model of market competition. Economic approaches to labor market analysis. The sources at consequences of embedded ness for the economics approaches. Formal and informal organization in the future markets. International relationship and the innovation. Multinational corporations. Networks in global microstructures. A comparative analysis management. A theory of market transfers. The institutional structure of production. Restructuring networks. Transfer pricing and transfer pricing methods.

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Study materials:

Abolafia, M. Y.: Markets, An Elgar Reference Collection, Northampton, 2006

Whitley, R.: Competing capitalisms: Institutions and Economies, An Elgar Reference Collection, Northampton, 2002

Dvořáček, J.: Nadnárodní společnosti a transferové ceny, Oeconomica, Praha 2006

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