Thermophysical Properties in Mechanical Engineering

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Department of Physics

Lectures familiarize students with thermophysical properties of matter (both solids and fluids) that are important for optimal engineering design and are aimed to prepare students to use this knowledge in engineering practice. General methods tailored for acquiring of reliable data. Fundamentals of applied thermodynamics: intermolecular forces, theory of corresponding states, critical state properties, using equations of state, thermodynamic functions and developing property relations. Transport properties : viscosity, thermal conductivity, diffusion coefficient and other fluid properties. Simulation methods - Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamic methods and their applications are described. Commonly used database systems of thermophysical properties are discussed. Computer network resources of reliable thermophysical data are demonstrated.


Knowledge of Applied Mathematics and Physics, Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics.

Syllabus of lectures:

- Fundamentals of Applied Thermodynamics

- thermodynamics properties

- transport properties

- Empirical and semi-empirical approach to collect engineering data

- Basic simulation methods

- Monte Carlo

- Molecular Dynamics

- Basics of the relevant programming in simulation methods

- Applied simulation methods in engineering (SAFT, PC SAFT)

- Database of thermophysical properties and their effective use.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Solution of the practical exercises, basics of programming (Fortran, Mat Lab, etc.), frequently used and useful Equation of State, verified and reliable thermophysical property databases. How to write a technical report and publications.

Study Objective:

Provide useful information for PhD students about wide range of thermophysical properties of engineering working fluids that are frequently used in engineering design and applications.

Study materials:

Millat,J; Dymond, J.H; aj.: Transport Properties of Fluids, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge,1996, 483 p.

Fankel,D; Smit,B.: Understanding Molecular Simulation, Academic Press, 2002, 628 p.

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