Methods of Precision Casting

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Department of Manufacturing Technology

Technology precision casting to metal die, the advantage and disadvantage. Gravity die casting, low pressure die casting, High pressure die casting technology. The calculation technological parameters and choose of press machine. The suggestion of distribution casting in die and suggestin of the main parameters pouring cycle.


The fundamenal of technology I

Technology I

Tools for semiproducts manufacturing

The project of semiproduct manufacturing

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Technology of die casting, difference between die casting and gravity sand casting

2. The problematic of high pressure die casting technology (HPDC), workplace

3. The special methods HPDC technology

4. The choose of pressure machine for HPDC technology

5. The calculation of gating systems and air-venting

6. The suggestion of work cycle HPDC technology, time of cycle, the suggestion of workplace

7. Investment casting and lost foam castin technology

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction - movie, the drawing for project

2. HPDC technology - analysis of castings

3. Excursion - KOVOLIS Hedvikov

4. The methods of calculation HPDC technology

5. Demonstration of model type of casting, demonstration of calculation gating system

6. Demonstration of model type of casting - parameters of die, air venting

7. The workcycle of die - calculation of time

8. The project of cooling and heating system in the die

9. The creation of 3D model of tree of casting, including cooling channels

10. The creation of 3D model of tree of casting, including cooling channels

11. Simulation of die filling and checking of venting and cooling function

12. The creation of drawing documentation

13. Project evaluation, assesment

Study Objective:

The suggestion of high pressure die casting technology.

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