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Computer Aided Manufacturing Processes I.

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2333020 Z 3 0P+3C Czech
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Department of Manufacturing Technology

Software for the numerical simulation in foundry and closed die forging processes. Basic rules for using the given software. Production analysis of the given part with respect to the process of forming and casting. Design of the casting or forging model, and other elements. Choice of the boundary and initial conditions with respect to the simulation of a given process. Simulation and results evaluation with possible change of the appropriate production parameters.


Finished bachelor graduation from a Technical University.

Syllabus of lectures:

Utilization of Numerical Simulation by FEM in Metal Forming and Casting Processes.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction into CAD in Foundry technology, use of Foundry TechnologyIII calculator

2. 3D modelling of castings with risers, material carbon steel and ductile iron

3. Simulation of solidification of a steel casting

4. Simulation of solidification of a ductile iron casting

5. Changes of process parameters, design of a gating system

6. Simulation of mould filling and casting solidification

7. Results evaluation

8. Introduction into closed-die forging simulation

9. Work with software FormFEM -simulation

10. Proposal of a forging sequence, design of a forging model - simulation

11. Choice of boundary and initial conditions - simulation

12. Design of preform - simulation

13. Simulation - possible change of process parameters

14. Simulation evaluation - comparison of both processes simulation

Study Objective:

Gain basic knowledge in computer aided techniques in metal forming and metal casting processes through education.

Study materials:

1. Návod k práci se simulačním softwarem NovaFlow&Solid ; Návod k práci se simulačním softwarem FormFEM, 2. Herman a kol. Počítačové simulace ve slévárenství, ČVUT, 2001

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