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Personal Management

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2382032 KZ 3 2P+1C Czech
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Department of Management and Economics

Personnel / human resource management is concerned with the effective management of people at work. Subject examines what can or should be done to make people both more productive and more satisfied with their working life. Its goal is to help develop more effective managers and staff specialists who work directly with the human resources of organizations.


Requirements to pass the exam:

1. Preparation and presentation of term paper on the extent of 7 pages of text.

2. At seminars students take two tests. Credit is required for 60% success rate in each of them.

3. For credit, you must have 80% attendance at seminars.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Mission and function of Human Resource Management (HRM).

2. Types of Organizations Appreciation.

3. Inner Conditions Appreciation of the Organization.

4. Rating of staff.

5. Scheduling and personal objective setting.

6. Obtaining and selection of employee.

7. Enrolment and Leakage.

8. Human Resource Development.

9. Fundamental Role of Motivation in Personal management.

10. Amount of employee Remuneration.

11. Human relations.

12. Leading of people.

13. Team Formation.

14. Managerial Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introductory hour, introduction to program seminars.

2. Etiquette at work manager. Assertiveness in dealing with people.

3. Personality. Professional career and life of man.

4. Creating and leading work teams. Test

5. The role of senior executive. Communications.

6. Personal information and documentation. Test

7. Mental manager. Credit

Study Objective:

Its goal is to help develop more effective managers and staff specialists who work directly with the human resources of organizations.

Study materials:

Rejf,L.: Řízení lidských zdrojů (Human Ressources Management). Skriptum ČVUT. Praha 2009,

Milkovich,G.T., Bordeau,J.W: Řízení lidských zdrojů (Human Ressource Management).Grada. Praha 1993,

Armstrong,M.: Řízení lidských zdrojů (A Handbook of Human Ressource Management Praktice). Grada Publishink, a.s., Praha 2002,

Drucker,P.F.: Efektivní vedoucí (The Effective Executive).Management Press, Praha 1992, Werther.W.B., Davis,K.: Lidský faktor a personální management (Human Resources and Personnel Management). Victoria Publishing. Praha 1992

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