Fundamentals of Manufacturing Machines Design

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Department of Process Engineering

PEs classification, their parameters and criteria of their rating. Ways of PEs design according their purpose and utilization. Materials used for PEs, welding, corrosion mechanisms and anticorrosion prevention. Dimension of shafts, beams, supports, pipes, heat exchangers and pressure vessels. Sealing and packing of fix parts (flanges) and moving parts (rotating shafts etc.). Practical examples of proper and improper designs of apparatuses. Example of heat exchanger design (heat transfer area calculation, its arrangement, head loss calculation, thermal dilatation, strength calculation, low cycle fatigue (thermal dilatation)).

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Apparatuses and machines used in food and chemical industries.

2.Typical examples of equipments, working experiences, equipments and processing lines design steps.

3.Basic flow principles, quality of processing equipments, design materials and their properties, welding.

4.Example of a processing line from research to operation, dimensioning of apparatuses.

5.Dimensioning of apparatuses, pressure vessels.

6.Pressure vessels, tubular heat exchangers - structural design.

7.Tubular heat exchangers - example of stress calculation according ČSN (Czech technical standards), supporting bases etc.

8.Thermal dilatation of a tubular heat exchanger - derivation of simplified equations for stress calculation.

9.Design of tubular syrup cooler.

10.Stability of bars and cylinders, external overpressure.

11.High pressure vessels - design and calculation.

12.Sealing of machines and apparatuses parts- immovable sealing.

13.Movable sealing, corrosion.

14.Corrosion, oscillation of cylindrical structures, thermal stress.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Examples of equipments used in food and chemical industry

2.Strength calculation of a flat reinforced cover

3.Strength calculation of a conical cover, reinforcement of openings

4.Strength calculation of a pressure vessel (tubular heat exchanger)

5.Example of a complex calculation of a heat exchanger

6.Design of a sealing of a rotating shaft - leakage calculation

7.Final test

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