Database Systems

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Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Basic data models. Types and examples of database systems. Management of database systems. Design of database systems - examples. Conceptual cheme, ER diagrams. Programming techniques. Language SQL, SQL extensions. MySQL. Introduction into php and web application programming. Fundamentals of programming in database systems MS ACCESS. Principles of Data-mining in databases.

Syllabus of lectures:

P1. Introduction. General operations with information provided by data-base systems.

P2. DBMS. Relational databases, Codd rules.

P2. Conceptual cheme. E - R conceptual model. Limitations for relations defined in DBS.

P4. Models of Data-base System Management. Relational data-base systems. Set and relation operations in

relation data-base system.

P5. Architectures of Database System Management in personal computers. Systems


P6. Data-base application program languages. Structured query language - SQL.

P7. Structured query language - SQL (cont.).

P8. Web application - SQL and web (http) server. Thick and thin client.

P9. The „php“ language. Work with forms.

P10. The „php“ language. Connection with SQL server.

P11. Introduction into MS Access.

P12. Programming in the system MS Access (Visual Basic for Application).

P13. Data mining, data mining software.

P14. Future of database and knowledge systems. Conclusions of lectures.

Syllabus of tutorials:

C1. Fundamentals of work with Data-base systems.

C2. Data-based systems for non-programmers.

Administration task: accounts on the department SQL server, passwords.

C3. Introduction in data-base system MS ACCESS. Realisation of set and relational

operations. Database preparation.

C4. Structured language - SQL. Assignment of semester tasks.

C5. Graphical scheme of database and application (E-R, UML, ...)

C6. Preparation of the database, filling with training data.

C7. Simple php program.

C8. Forms in php. Data transpher to/from server.

C9. Connecting php to SQL.

C10. Application (php, SQL).

C11. Application (php, SQL).

C12. Programming in MS ACCESS.

C13. Assistance and testing of results of semester tasks.

C14. Testing of semester tasks. Conclusion of the semester.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. Oppel, Andy: Databases. A Beginner's Guide. The McGraw Hill Companies, 2009.

2. Pallaw, Vijay Krishna: Database Management Systems

3. Isrd Group: Introduction to Database Management Systems

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