Advanced metalworking methods

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Department of Manufacturing Technology

Advanced methods of sheet metal forming: separating, deep drawing, bending, spinning, stretching, methods using elastic tools, high-energy-rate forming methods. Tribology in sheet metal forming and ecological aspects of lubrication.

Advanced methods of closed die forging. Rules for forging process design, die design, and near-net shape forging design. Extrusion, multi-directional forging, cross wedge rolling, rotary forging, automatic forging lines. forging of nonferrous metals. Powder metallurgy methods used in closed die forging.


Examination from the subject Theory and Practice of Metal Forming

Syllabus of lectures:

1. New materials for sheet metal forming, methods of precision shearing

2. Advanced methods of drawing

3. Advanced methods of bending of sheet metal parts and tubes

4. Spinning, flow turning, stretching, new methods of sheet joining

5. Metal forming methods using elastic tools

6. High-energy-rate forming methods

7. Tribology in sheet metal and ecological aspects of lubrication

8. Closed die forging methods (machine selection, die design)

9. Number of forging operations, data for preform design

10. Implementation of near-net shape forging methods

11. Multi-directional forging, cross wedge rolling

12. Extrusion processes, rotary forging, automatic forging lines

13. Bulk metal forming methods of nonferrous metals

14. Powder metallurgy methods used in closed die forging

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Selected drawing methods - individual students' works

2. Selected bending methods - individual students' works

3. Selected forging methods - individual students' works

4. Selected bulk metal forming methods - individual students' works

5. Excursion of students into a pressing shop

6. Excursion of students into a forging shop

7. Presentation and evaluation of students' works - assessment

Study Objective:

Gain practical knowledge in advanced metal forming processes through education.

Study materials:

1. Šanovec,J.- Čermák.J.-Mádle,L.: Mezní problémy a výpočetní technika ve tváření, Vyd. ČVUT 1989, 2. Flaška,M.- Štekner,B.: Speciální letecké technologie,Vyd.ČVUT 1996, 3. Čermák J., Dvořáková J.: Vybrané způsoby tváření, Vyd.ČVUT 1980, 4. Informace ze stránek www a ústavního serveru

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