Metallurgy of Casting Alloys

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Department of Manufacturing Technology

The course is aimed at increasing knowledge of basic studies of foundry technology. It focuses mainly on the following topics: melting of gray iron, metallurgical treatment and its influence on the structure and properties of gray iron; production of the ductile cast iron; inoculation and modification of cast irons; production of the vermicular, malleable iron and of other special cast iron types; production and metallurgical treatment of cast steel; production and metallurgical treatment of aluminum and magnesium alloys; melt quality assurance methods; casting defects.


No absence. Submition of term paper.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Opening lecture, history, production, supply and demands of castings.

2. Grey iron production - melting, metallurgical treatment.

3. Grey iron production - continuation.

4. Ductile cast iron production.

5. Inoculation and modification of cast irons.

6. Vermicular cast iron, malleable cast iron, white iron production.

7. Cast steel production.

8. Aluminum alloys - types, melting, metallurgical treatment.

9. Methods of melt assurance of aluminum alloys.

10. Magnesium alloys.

11. Other non-ferrous alloys in foundry technology.

12. Casting defects.

13. Final lecture, summary, discussion.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Opening lesson - assignment, term paper.

2. Excursion to the cast iron foundry.

3. Excursion to the recycling melter.

4. Excursion to the aluminum foundry.

5. Melting of aluminum alloys and metallurgical treatment.

6. Verification of metallurgical treatment by mechanical properties testing and metallography.

7. Colloquium - term paper presentations.

Study Objective:

The goal is the increased knowledge of foundry technology with emphasis on metallurgical melt processing and its consequences. Recommended for students who have completed the course Theory and Practice of Casting and who have a diploma thesis focused on casting.

Study materials:

Beeley, P. Foundry Technology, Second edition. BH2001, ISBN 0-7506-4567-9

Fredriksson, H.: Material Processing during Casting, WILEY 2006 ISBN: 0-470-01514-4

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