Advanced Integrated System Design

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B2M34PNIS Z,ZK 6 2P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Jiří Jakovenko
Jiří Jakovenko
Jiří Jakovenko
Department of Microelectronics

Students will gain advanced knowledge in analog and digital integrated circuit design. The subject itself

deals with the hierarchical design of integrated circuits in BCD technologies compared to CMOS technologies.

The subject further emphasizes good design practices, advanced building blocks in BCD technologies, advanced IP blocks and

their design process. An integral part of the subject are topics focused on the design of power MOSFETs,

Linear voltage regulators (LDO), electronic fuses eFUSE, switching power supplies on a chip (SMPS)

digital Front-end (FE) and digital Back-end (BE) design and detailed analysis of layouts. The subject is dealt with further

advanced error analysis methods, using analytical methods such as optical and electron microscopy,

(Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change - Obirch and Emission Microscopy EmMi).

Syllabus of lectures:

Osnovy přednášek:

1. Birth of a new chip; hierarchy design, discrete vs. IC implementation, description of BCD technology.

2. Good design practices - Mirroring, cascoding, sizing/dimensioning, matching, current capability, Rdson,

Comon Mode+CASC, downscaling in digital vs analog, Grounding, accuracy analog ICs.

3. Advanced IC building blocks design - part I – Precise voltage and current reference, Advanced Configurable

Dividers, Mix mode circuits (ADC, DAC etc).

4. Advanced IC building blocks design - part II - Level shifter, Current sensor, Charge pump Oscillator, etc.

5. Advanced IP block block design - Linear voltage regulators (LDOs), eFUSE, Switched-mode power supply


6. Advanced layout design flow - analog TOP, digital TOP; Layout dependent effects (WPE, STI, wSTI, ant. diode,

PID, metal stress); floorplan (top-bottom, bottom-top, noise IP, sensitive IP, pad position)

7. Chip as mine field: ESD protection, latch-up immunity, Trimming, Testability; Parasitic, Post Layout

Simulation, Tunings.

8. PWR MOSFETs design in analog circuits: drift, extended drain, voltage class

9. Digital IC design FE - part I: STA, clock tree, synthesis, implementation

10. Digital IC design FE + TOP level verification: behavioral models; AMS simulation, verification flow

11. Digital IC design BE - part I: Synthesis, Floor plan

12. Digital IC design BE - part II: Place and route, IR drop analysis, DRC, LVS

13. Bug analysis methods in IC design flow: Electrical measurement, reproduction, Optical, electron microscopy,

SAW, X-ray, IR, Obirch, LASER cut, FIB cut + deposition, Hypothesis, isolation, prove, metal fix

14. Reserver

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. BCD technology description, chip description follows, IPs in schematic and layout on the project,

2. Sizing and matching in advanced ICs, fingers vs. multiply transistor division.

3. Precise reference sources design (Voltage reference, Current reference, Divider)

4. How to design Advanced OpAmp, improved Miller OpAmps (by using telescope CM, cascode)

5. How to create a hierarchy in ICs (Ref.+OpAmp)

6. Advanced layout design practices of matched IP blocks – Part I

7. Advanced layout design practices of matched IP blocks – Part II + PLS

8. Power MOS layout (including metallization design)

9. Digital FE - part I: How to write RTL code with focus on synthesis and implementation into ASIC technology


10. Digital FE - part II: How to write RTL code with focus on synthesis and implementation into ASIC technology


11. Digital BE - part I: How to deal with advanced synthesis

12. Digital BE - part II: How to implement standard cells (placement and routing) or FPGA implementation

13. Digital BE - IR drop analysis, DRC, LVS

14. Project review

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Recommended references:

Analog design:

1) Razavi: Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits, McGRAW-Hill,

2) Murari, F. Bertotti, G.A.Vignola: Smart Power ICs, Springer,

3) Gray, P Hurst, s. Lewis, R. Mayer: Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, John Wiley and Sons.

Analog design:

1) Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, 5th Edition, by J. Paul R. Gray, Paul J. Hurst, Stephen H.

Lewis, Robert G. Meyer

2) Analog Integrated Circuit Design, by Tony Chan Carusone, David Johns, Kenneth Martin

Analog layout:

1) The Art of Analog Layout, by Alan Hastings

2) Fundamentals of Power Semiconductor Devices, by BJ Baliga

3) Analog-to-Digital Conversion, by Marcel J.M. Pelgrom

Digital design:

1) P. J. Ashenden, The Designer's Guide to VHDL, Morgan Kaufmann, 2008

Time-table for winter semester 2024/2025:
Jakovenko J.
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Jakovenko J.
(lecture parallel1
parallel nr.101)

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