Programming in C#

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18CIS Z,ZK 4 2P+1C Czech
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Miroslav Virius
Miroslav Virius
Miroslav Virius
Department of Software Engineering

This lecture provides an introduction to the programming language C# and teaches students how to create common types of applications (graphical user interface, databases, multithreading) for most platforms.


Basic knowledge of programming in some common programming language, including the principles of object-oriented programming, exceptions, genericity, and other constructs common in contemporary programming languages.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Programming language C#: Introductory examples, compilation, execution of the program. Built-in data types in C#.

2. Statements. Arrays and memory management.

3. Expressions and operators. Enumeration types, structures and classes. Genericity.

4. Exceptions. Null value and related tools.

5. Query language LINQ and its underlying library.

6. Containers and generic containers library, enumerators and iterators.

7. Tools for input and output in the .NET environment libraries. Managing resources, localization and internationalization.

8. Working with strings and regular expressions.

9. Graphical user interface – selected tools.

10. Database applications in the .NET environment.

11. Parallel threads in C#. Basic tools.

13. Synchronization and communication between threads.

14. Advanced tools for using threads (thread pool, await operator and related tools).

Syllabus of tutorials:

The outline of tutorials is equivalent to the outline of lectures.

Study Objective:

Knowledge: Programming language C#, selected libraries and techniques used in this language on common platforms.

Skills: To design and implement software solutions for given problems using the C# programming language for common platforms.

Study materials:

Key literature:

[1] Virius, M. Programování C# od základů k profesionálnímu použití. Praha, Grada Publishing, 2021.

Recommended literature:

[2] Microsoft Learn. Available at https://learn.microsoft.com/cs-cz/dotnet/csharp/. (Citation from 1.2.2024)

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