China's Innovations and Global Influence

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32ME-P-CHIN-01 ZK 3 2P+0C English
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Institute of Public Administration and Regional Studies

The course provides an exploration of China's ability to combine dictatorship with technology innovations, and it’s growing global role including an impact on Europe. We will start with an introduction to China's political and economic system. That would give us the important basis for understanding China’s technological innovations and rising global influence. We will discuss the role of technology in everyday life in China, how it impacts economy, but also how the government abuses technology to control people. In further detail, we will cover China’s global role and how dependence on China might impact Europe. Last but not least, we will hypothesize on China’s future development and its obstacles.


100% final test

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction to Chinese history and culture

2.How the Chinese Communist Party controls China

3.Chinese Dream? The leadership of Xi Jinping

4.China’s economic system: communism, socialism, or capitalism?

5.A leap from society 1.0 to society 4.0: China’s technology revolution

6.Chinese online world: Chinese versions of Facebook, Google or Amazon

7.“No cash accepted”: China’s digital economy

8.How technology makes the government more powerful

9.Will China rule the world? China’s rising global influence

10.Possible consequences of escalating conflict with China

11.Do sanctions harm or benefit China?

12.Are rare earths actually rare? EU’s and China’s “green” policies

13.Is China rising or falling? Predictions of China’s future

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The students will improve their understanding of China’s political and economic systems, including the crucial role of the Chinese Communist Party. They will learn the main features of the role of technology in China’s modern society, and how it empowers not only individuals and private companies, but also the government. Students will be able to generally understand the Chinese online world, recognizing the main companies, and assessing the global impact of Chinese technologies. They will also be motivated to critically evaluate ethical and security questions regarding our relationship with China.

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