Experimental Project Course

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NI-ESC KZ 8 0P+30R+52C
Garant předmětu:
Ondřej Brém
Ondřej Brém
Department of Software Engineering

"The Design Project course offers a holistic exploration of the design process, providing students with a well-rounded understanding of the principles, methodologies, and tools used in designing technology-driven solutions that are user-centric and industry-relevant. Throughout the semester, students will work on real-world design projects, collaborate with industry experts, and learn to integrate theory with practical application.

Through a hands-on, project-based learning approach, students will develop their skills in user-centered design and user experience evaluation, as well as gain experience working in a team to design and prototype a functional solution."

Syllabus of lectures:

This course does not have lectures

Syllabus of tutorials:

Design Thinking, Human centered design.

Prototyping, Industry collaboration, Technical skills dependent on project scope and topic

Business development

Testing, validation and iteration


Presenting the results of the project to the public.

Study Objective:

Students will learn how to identify and formulate the right challenge, define project scope, and come up with concept proposals for solutions.

Gain a deep understanding of the design process, including user research, ideation, prototyping, testing, and iteration.

Learn how to emphasize with people to design solutions that prioritize the needs and experiences of end-users.

Learn and experience different prototyping techniques available to different stages and different types of projects.

Foster collaboration across disciplines to encourage diverse perspectives and innovative ideas.

Collaborate with industry partners and gain insights from professionals in the field.

Learn how to take your solution to market.

Learn how to prepare prototypes and conduct user testing to refine design solutions.

Learn by experience to present your idea and product to the public or investors.

To communicate the results of the project to the public and take it to the market.

Study materials:

Will be in portal https://courses.fit.cvut.cz according to the current project

Further information:
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