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Jan Bříza
Martina Caithamlová, Petra Hospodková
Department of Biomedical Technology

Professional practice is focused on learning about the activities of a manager in a healthcare facility or in a manufacturing or service organization in the healthcare sector. The aim is to acquire practical habits and skills for future employment in professional life, not only in terms of acquiring professional skills, but also working in a team.

Areas of activity:

- Activities in the field of medical record keeping (medical procedures, collection and processing of data for billing of health care to insurance companies, reporting system, tracking and management of costs for high-cost care, etc.).

- Participation in the activities of the controlling/internal audit department, familiarization with the organization's budgets, evaluation of the performance of individual departments, complaints agenda, etc.

- Participation in the processing of source data for economic decisions (providing input for further planning, participation in partial economic analyses, etc.).

- Familiarisation with the area of medical equipment acquisition, including the issue of tendering procedures, preparation of documents for public procurement, drafting of medical technology kits, as well as familiarisation with the area of technical briefings for workers in the field of medical technology and occupational safety.

- Familiarization with investment planning, depreciation plan, servicing of medical technology, recording of fixed assets in the organization.

- Familiarisation and subsequent work with information systems (hospital IS, laboratory IS, management IS and others).

- Archiving of medical documentation.

- Evaluation and creation of technical documentation of medical devices.

- Human resources management in the organisation - personnel planning, strategic planning in the field of HRM, training system, application of labour legislation, recruitment and selection of employees, personnel agenda, participation in support activities in the field of human resources management.

- Quality control and management in healthcare institutions (implementation of quality standards in the hospital and follow-up

quality standards, quality improvement processes, audits of healthcare activities, monitoring of adverse events and their resolution, documentation).

- Integration of processes in healthcare facilities.

The student has to undergo compulsory practice in the economic (min. 40 hours), personnel (min. 20 hours), technical (min. 40 hours) and quality (min. 20 hours) departments. Further (more detailed) focus depends on the nature of the organisation's activities.

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