Strategy of Healthcare Facilities

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Department of Biomedical Technology

The long-term successful existence of any market entity depends on a clear idea of long-term strategy. Increasing competition, rising demand for healthcare services, growing patient demands and significant developments in medical science characterise the state of the contemporary healthcare sector. These facts make the management of healthcare facilities increasingly challenging and complex. This course introduces students to the fundamentals and phases of strategic management, the principles of strategy development and management applied to the conditions of a healthcare facility. It analyzes the different concepts: mission - vision - mission - strategic goals - strategic plan, different forms of strategies and principles of their management. It deals with the formulation of the strategy itself, its communication, implementation of the strategy - especially from the point of view of application of appropriate means and methods used in transformation of the top goals of the enterprise as a whole to lower responsibility and process levels - and providing information feedback, i.e. verifying whether the set goals are being met. The course also includes the analysis of the business plan environment, the creation of scenarios and their application in strategic planning.


Conditions for granting classified credit:

Written demonstration of the acquired knowledge through a test - the condition for successful completion of the test is the achievement of 50% correct answers. In total, the student has the opportunity to obtain 100 points, a minimum of 50 points is required to pass the course.

Assessment according to the ECTS scale.

Syllabus of lectures:

- Introductory lecture - subject of study, directions of development of strategic management, 3 basic stages of strategic management, dimensions of strategic management. Strategy as a factor of enterprise success.

- Strategies applicable in strategic plans - integration strategy, intensive strategy, diversification strategy, defensive strategy, strategic alliances. Selection of the optimal strategic option. Generation of alternative strategies - TOWS matrix, Space analysis, BPM matrix. Evaluation of internal and external factors.

- Mission, vision, objectives. Definition of the initial strategic intent. Procedure for summarising the initial strategic plan.

- Analysis of the business plan environment - macro environment, meso environment, micro environment. Description of the basic forces of the macro-environment, the mesoenvironment and the microenvironment. Evaluation of external and internal analysis factors.

- Innovation strategy, principles and classification of innovation, innovation policy of the company, factors influencing the success of innovation.

- Scenarios and their application in strategic planning. Strengths and weaknesses of scenario approaches. Creation of scenarios to support strategic planning, identification of risk factors and determination of their significance, formulation of basic scenarios.

- Phases of strategic management. Strategy implementation. Measuring the performance of the strategic plan, possibilities of increasing the performance of companies by means of tactical management tools.

- Evaluation and controlling of the strategic plan. Characteristics of a successful strategy evaluation system. Strategy evaluation process, strategy evaluation framework, examination of the basis of strategy development.

- Company culture. The impact of strategy on the development of corporate culture in the healthcare industry.

- The Balanced Scorecard as a tool for implementing strategy into the organization's processes. Application of the BSC method in healthcare institutions.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

WALSTON, Stephen: Strategic Healthcare Management: Planning and Execution, Second Edition. Health Administration Press, 2018. ISBN 978-15-6793-963-7.

HARRISON, Jeffrey, S.: Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations: A Stakeholder Management Approach. Business Expert Press, 2014. ISBN 978-16-0649-772-2.

WAYLAND Michael: Strategic Analysis for Healthcare Concepts and Practical Applications 1st Edition. Health Administration Press, 2015. ISBN 978-15-6793-751-0.

NIVEN, Paul R.: Balanced Scorecard Evolution: A Dynamic Approach to Strategy Execution. Wiley, 2014. ISBN 978-1-118-72631-0.

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