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F7PMS1IP Z 2 80XH Czech
In order to register for the course F7PMS1IP, the student must have successfully completed the course F7PMS1OP in a previous semester.
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Department of Biomedical Technology

Individual practice is related to the subject Professional practice. A student who has already completed the Professional Practice course has the opportunity of profiling in a selected medical facility. Individual practice is an integral part of quality and qualified preparation for the future profession. During the internship, the student gets the opportunity to practice theoretical knowledge in the form of independent work under the guidance of a professional worker.

Individual practice is a form of teaching where students are placed in individual workplaces in medical institutions or in manufacturing or service organizations in the field of medical devices on the basis of agreement and written recommendation of the faculty. Here, based on a set plan, students acquire in-depth practical skills and work independently under the supervision of a designated member of staff.

The work experience in the selected workplaces must be of a high professional standard.

During the individual practice, all hygiene, safety and other regulations given for the specific workplace are observed. Students are familiarised with the workplace operating rules.

The practice is supervised and evaluated by the supervisor.

The internships of the students of the study programme System Integration of Processes in Healthcare are focused mainly on the legislative area, quality control and management, medical documentation, reporting of performance to health insurance companies, selection procedures, preparation and implementation of medical equipment purchases, work with information systems, internal audit, material and technical supply, personnel management, record keeping, statistical reporting, planning, process coordination and other activities.

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