Modelling Basics in GT-SUITE

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Department of Automotive, Combustion Engine and Railway Engineering

The course covers the basics of modelling in GT-Suite, which allows physical modelling of various vehicle parts. The models can describe the problem from very simplified approaches to very detailed descriptions. The individual lessons will focus on modelling different parts of the vehicle drivetrains and finally on the optimization of the parametric models. The application of the acquired knowledge will be applied in the creation of a GT-Suite model of the selected problem.


Information on the organisation of the course, special conditions for obtaining of assessment and study materials can be found on the study materials server https://studium.fs.cvut.cz/studium/u12120/ 2216031_GTS.

Assessment will be awarded based on passing a short assessment test and building a simple computational model in GT-SUITE on a given topic.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1.GT-SUITE Introduction Training: part 1 – basic description, control of the GT-ISE user interface and building of simulation models. The individual details of controls are shown during building of simple model.

2.GT-SUITE Introduction Training: part 2 – setting of the simulation model calculation. The basics of processing results in GT-POST, data drawing in graphs, comparison of results with measured data, etc.

3.Combustion Engines – fundamentals of thermodynamic modelling of reciprocating internal combustion engines including their turbocharging/supercharging.

4.Cabin Air-Condition – fundamentals of two-phase flow modelling of air conditioning circuits.

5.Battery – fundamentals of building of computational battery models with different levels of simplification, from physical models to electrochemical battery models.

6.Fuel Cell – fundamentals of fuel cell modelling with varying levels of simplification, from simple to detailed with a focus on fuel cell cooling.

7.Gear box Modelling – basics of creating computer models of manual, robotic and automatic transmissions.

8.Electric Powertrain – basics of modelling of complete drivetrains of electric vehicles.

9.Optimization & DoE – optimization methods implemented in GT-SUITE, their setup and results processing.

10.Vehicle, Aerospace Dynamics – building of models of mechanical dynamic systems from automotive and aircraft technology.

11.Real Time modelling, Co-simulation with Matlab/Simulink – Demonstration of usage possibilities of GT-SUITE models for real-time computational simulations. Use of these models for applications combining GT-SUITE with models built in Matlab/Simulink.

12.Assigned problem – modelling in GT – independent work on a given topic - creation of a simple model. Final assessment test.

Study Objective:

Learn the fundamentals of building physical models in GT-SUITE, a widely used simulation platform, especially in the automotive industry.

Students will be issued a certificate of completion of the course - „Modelling Basics in GT-SUITE“ after obtaining assessment.

Study materials:

Study materials will be provided during the exercise. The study materials will be in English language.

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