Management in the Automotive Industry

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32QE-P-MNAI-01 Z,ZK 6 2P+2C English
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Oldřich Bronec
Oldřich Bronec
Oldřich Bronec
Institute of Management Studies

This is a basic and overarching course in management in the automotive industry, which creates a framework for further managerial and technical courses focused on automotive industry.


•Upon completion of the course, students will take a written test, followed by an oral examination; at the end of the course, students will be asked to submit a seminar paper

•A seminar paper carried out in cooperation with a company from the automotive

Syllabus of lectures:

The course consists of fourteen lectures:

1. Introduction, basic concepts, modern trends in production management & car industry

2. Product management, production processes and their design

3. Production system technology

4. Material flows and logistics

5. Purchasing and supply chains

6. Production support processes, maintenance of machinery and equipment

7. Standardization of production processes, technological platforms, product & production personalization and localization

8. Technological innovations & production (car production) innovation management, specifics of innovations in car industry

9. Automation, robotics and digital production control including application of A.I. in production processes

10. Economic indicators of production and production management KPI's

11. Toyota Production System, Lean Management – practical application in the automotive industry

12. Quality management, environmental protection & sustainability, material and energy sustainability, hygiene and occupational safety, social responsibility in production; ecological sustainability and principals of circular economy: recycling and production carbon neutrality

13. Design of production systems, re-engineering of production processes and management of change

14. Course summary and conclusion

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The purpose of the course is to get acquainted with:

•Basic concepts of management of engineering production (car production)

•Engineering and mobility management

•The nature and design of engineering products (car products) and engineering and car production, multi-disciplinarity of the field in the age of electromobility

•The role of human and technological resources in engineering and car production

•The issue of material flows and logistics in the field

•Purchasing management and supply chains in the field

•Support processes, maintenance of machinery and equipment

•Production management: planning, organizing, sourcing, leadership, controlling

•Design, innovation and re-engineering of the production systems and processes

•The issue of economics and economic metrics of engineering and car production, KPI system

•The issue of some contemporary trends, such as automation, robotics and digitization in the field

•The issue of comprehensive concepts of modern production, such as Toyota Production System

Issues of quality management, environmental protection & sustainability, material and energy sustainability, hygiene and occupational safety, and social responsibility in production, etc.

Learning outcomes:

•Knowledge of the field of management of production (specifically focused onto the automotive industry)

•Gain not only theoretical but also practical knowledge and experience in the field

•The ability to apply this knowledge and skills within the management, planning, design, innovative management and re-engineering of engineering and car industry production

•The ability to personalize acquired knowledge and skills in the field of its future professional focus

•The ability to share specific production and operating system management tasks with experts and work in a team to solve them

Study materials:

Presentations available on MS Teams

Presentations of selected companies and experts in automotive industry

Recordings of previous expert presentations

Visit to the production plant

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