Town and Regional Planning of Settlements and Landscape

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127YPSK Z,ZK 6 3P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Jiří Kupka
Václav Jetel, Jiří Kupka, Daniel Stojan
Václav Jetel, Jiří Kupka, Daniel Stojan
Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

The course taught in the field of Environmental Engineering is an introduction to urbanism, urban design, spatial and regional planning as a basis for the preparation of a bachelor's thesis at the Dep. of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning. It complements the semester projects with theory and a broader professional context and is a preparation for the part of the state bachelor's exam organized by the Dep. of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning.


The course has lectures and exercises. Attendance at the lectures is not compulsory, but is recommended due to the immediate relation to the topics of the exercises. Active participation in the exercises is compulsory. Activity during the semester is taken into account in the examination. Exercise outputs stored in Moodle are a prerequisite for access to the examination.

Syllabus of lectures:

1) History of urban planning - character of settlements and settlement in the development of our territory

2) Perceptions and concepts of urban space

3) Basic typology of urban spaces - squares, streets, derived types

4) The importance of landscape and landscape framework for the character of settlements, natural attributes of settlements

5) Brownfields, suburbanization, smart cities, adaptation to climate change, socially excluded localities

6) Regional planning

7) Spatial planning documentation

8) Territorial planning documents

9) Spatial planning documents

10) Current trends in urban planning and spatial planning

11) Basic urban typology - housing

12) Basic urban typology - civic amenities

13) Public spaces - meaning, function, form

Syllabus of tutorials:

Exercises follow the lecture and develop the topic of the next lecture in the form of small exercises, analyses or presentations.

1-5 History, composition, perception of space (explanations, class work and final student presentation)

6-10 Analysis of specific planning documents (explanations, class work, final presentation)

11-13 Simple designs of small urban situations (class work, presentation)

Study Objective:

The aim of the study is to obtain a sufficient theoretical and practical basis for students of Environmental Engineering to prepare variously focused bachelor theses at the Dep. of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning and to pass the part of the state bachelor examination organized by the Dep. of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning. The course also complements the competences acquired by completing the semestral projects.

Study materials:

HEXNER, Michal - NOVÁK, Jaroslav, Urbanistická kompozice. Praha: ČVUT, 1996.

LYNCH, Kevin, Obraz města. The Image of the City. Praha: BOVA POLYGON, 2004.

BENTLY, Ian et al., Responsive environments. Elsevier, 1985.

KRIER, Léon, Architektura - volba nebo osud. Praha: Academia, 2001.

KUPKA, Jiří, Krajiny kulturní a historické. Praha: ČVUT,

NORBERG - SCHULZ, Christian, Genius loci. Praha: Odeon, 1994.

Principy a zásady urbanistické kompozice v příkladech. Praha, Brno: MMR, ÚÚR, 2016.

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