Design of aircraft engines II

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

The course is a continuation of Design of Aircraft Engines I. It is focused on gearbox design and computation, including structural systems of aircraft engines. Basic rules are explained on the examples of aircraft turbine engines used in the Czech Republic. Oil, fuel and starting systems are described in detail.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Design of intake and exhaust systems of turbine engines for aircraft. Intake systems for various types of engines, subsonic intake design. Prevention of icing and foreign object ingestion.

2. Supersonic intake design.

3.-4. Gearbox design. Basic requirements for turboprop and turboshaft gearbox design. Planetary gearbox, differential gearbox. Requirements on auxiliary gearbox. Casing design.

5. Design of aircraft engines used in the Czech Republic. Detailed description of aircraft engines used in the Czech Republic.

6.-7. Structural systems of aircraft engines. Structural computation of lightweight casings. Computation of stator parts and flange joints.

8.-9. Oil system. Basic requirements and layout. Oil system design and computation of main parts. Altitude limitation.

10.-11. Fuel system. Basic requirements and design. Basic parts design and their flow characteristics.

12. Starting system. Starting sequence description. System design. Computation of required power for starting. Automatic start cycle.

13. Future trends in aircraft engine design, new design concepts, materials and technology.

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Study materials:

Cohen, H., Rogers, G. F. C., Saravanamuttoo, H. I. H., Straznicky, P. V., Nix, A.C. : Gas Turbine Theory. 7th edition. Pearson 2017. IBSN 9781-292-09309-3.

El-Sayed, A.,F. : Fundamentals of, Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion. Springer 2016, ISBN 978-1-4471-6769-9.

Mattingly, J., D., Heiser, W., H., Pratt, D., T., Boyer, K., M., Hakenova, B., A., Aircraft Engine Design. AIAA, 2018. ISBN 978-1-62410-517-3.

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