Piston aircraft internal combustion engines

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Department of Automotive, Combustion Engine and Railway Engineering

Fundamentals of internal combustion engines (ICE): principles of performance, combustion processes, flame types, formation of pollutants, gas exchange, super- and turbo-charging; description of tools for fuel injection, mixture formation, valve gears, combustion realization, exhaust aftertreatment, lubrication and cooling. Engine maps and testing

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Engines based on chemical or thermal energy transformation - thermodynamic laws, mechanical principles (positive displacement of a working volume or momentum change at blades), operation principles. External, internal combustion engines and fuel cells. Maps of engines, engine - load equilibrium. Ideal air standard cycles and real ones. Use of T-s diagram for efficiency assessment. Charge exchange. Combustion chemistry (stoichiometry, kinetics) and mixture characteristics. Combustion thermodynamics. Pre-mixed deflagration and detonation flames, diffusion flames, fuel sprays, hydrocarbon chemistry. Oil based fuels, alternatives - gases, biofuels. Engine emissions - formation, features, measurement, aftertreatment, regulations. Engine efficiency definitions and process features decomposition. Principles of mixture formation and its control, ignition and combustion in spark ignition, compression ignition and homogeneous charge compression ignition engines. Fuel injection. Induction and exhaust processes, valvetrains. Four and two stroke engine design. Supercharging and turbocharging.. Positive displacement compressors. Engine-supercharger interaction. Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics of turbine and compressor. Interaction with reciprocating engine - boost pressure control and system optimization. Engine simulation. Mechanical design considerations. In-cylinder heat transfer. Engine cooling. Engine lubrication, piston rings and bearings. Engine similarity, mechanical and thermal stress, general design demands and methods.

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Macek, J.: Spalovací motory I. ČVUT v Praze 2007, 260 s., 212 obr., ISBN 978-80-01-03618-1

Macek, J. - Mikulec, A.: Přednášky 1 - 14.PPT. Knihovna presentací 12 120. 200 MB, Macek, J.: OBEH.XLS. Knihovna programů 12 120 a 12 241, 1 MB.

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