Aircraft maintence and repairs

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

The course is intended for students of aircraft and space technology. It acquaints students with the basic philosophy and principles of aircraft maintenance and repairs.

The course is composed from two parts – the part of maintenance - describes the basic principles of maintenance program development, troubleshooting procedures, principles of preventive and corrective maintenance and basic maintenance conceptions. The second part - repairs – is focused on repairs of transport aircraft systems, structure and powerplant.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Maintenance and Repairs – theoretical background

2.Regulations, MSG3, methodology, Maint. Review Board / Maint. Planing Data / Maint. Schedule

3.Maintenance schedule development and modifications for operator conditions

4.Maintenance work categorization

5.Preventive and corrective maintenance / findings and following actions

6.Maintenance conceptions / Hard times / On condition / Condition monitoring

7.Supplementary maintenance tasks and time limits maintenance check, maintenance after non standard situations

8.Maintenance of aircraft systems, troubleshooting, failure detection, testing, releasing to service

9.Maintenance of structure, corrosion prevention and corrosion findings, fatigue damages of structure and corrective actions

10.Maintenance and Repairs of engines, engines condition monitoring, engine replacement

11.Repairs and modifications of systems by items replacement

12.Repairs of structure– repair by replacement of items and by modifications of structure, repair category / temporary and permanent repair, supplementary maintenance tasks / basic repair principles

13.Authorization of repairs

Syllabus of tutorials:

Exercises will be focused in the introductory part on methodology of maintenance program development on base of MSG3 principles. The exercises will be complemented with presentation of specific examples from practice. They will also try to create the troubleshooting procedure and job instruction card for principle maintenance tasks. In final part basic calculations of structure repairs for static strength restoration will be practiced, including estimation of influence to service life.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

•Military Handbook MIL-HDBK-5 / Rev. H / FSC 1560 / 1DEC98 or superior / Dept. of Defense USA

•Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook / General / U.S. Department of Transportation FAA / Flight Standard Service / 2008

•Dale Crane / Aviation Mechanic Handbook / Fifth Edition / Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc / Newcastle, Washington

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