Design of aircraft engines I

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

The course is focused on aircraft turbine engines. Most important themes are design of axial and radial compressors, axial turbines. The course also focuses on the structural design and calculations od blades, discs, rotors and casings of turbine engines.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction. Classification of aircraft turbine engines. Basic steps of aircraft engine design. Design requirements.

2. Design of radial compressors and its basic parts. Rotor design and its connection to the engine shaft. Casing design. Choice of materials.

3. Axial compressor design. Rotor blades and stator vanes, their connection to the rotor and casing.

4. Anti-surge devices for axial compressors. Single and two shaft axial compressors, concepts and design. Design of axial compressors inlets and outlets. Materials used for compressor parts.

5. Turbine design. Basic requirements for gas turbines. Design of rotor blades and stator vanes.

6. Design of single and multiple stage turbines. Bearings. Blade and disc cooling. Blade protective layers. Casing design. Materials for turbine parts.

7. Strength of turbine and compressor blades, stress calculation, thermal loading.

8. Compensation of blade bending from aerodynamic forces.

9. Computation of blade roots.

10. Strength of rotating drums and discs for compressor and turbines.

11. Strength calculation of a rotating drum. Stress calculation of a rotating disc with thermal loading.

12. Strength calculation of a shaft and its connections to the disc.

13. Combustion chamber design. Various types of combustion chambers and choice of materials.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

Cohen, H. et al.: Gas Turbine Theory. 7th edition. Pearson, 2017. IBSN 9781-292-09309-3.

Mattingly, J.D. et al, Aircraft Engine Design. 3rd edition AIAA 2018. ISBN 978-1624105173.

Farokhi, S., Aircraft Propulsion, 2nd edition, Wiley, 2014, ISBN 978-1-118-80677-7.

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