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E341046 Z,ZK 4 2P+2C+0L English
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Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

Metrology, intergration into quality control, legal metrology, metrology system. Geometrical quantities metrology. Measurement uncertainty. Primary and secondary standarts. Measurement in 1, 2, end 3 coordinates. Laserinterferometres and their applications. Geometrical surface properties. Form - and position deviations. Surface structure - roughness, wawiness. Measurement automatisation.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Metrology, basic concepts. Organization, sequence, legislation.

2. Length measures. Block of gauges, application, properties, calibration. Limit gauges. Measurement uncertainty.

3. Measurement in one coordinate. Length measuring machines.

4. Measurement in two coordinates. Microscopes, profilprojectores. Software.

5. Thread measuring, methods.

6. Angles measuring. Methods, instruments. Cones measuring.

7. Measurement in three coordinates. Coordinate measuring machines.

8. Laserinterferometers. Principle, application in length metrology.

9. Geometrical surface properties. Importance, concepts definition, measuring methods end evaluations.

10. Form deviation and deviations of positions (macrogeometry). Measuring methods end evaluations.

11. Surface texture (microgeometry). Evaluation, parameters, filtering, measurement methods, instruments.

12. Basis of the measurement automatisation.

13. Measurement process capability and MSA measurement system analysis. Sources of measurement variability.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction to metrology. Labour protection. Length measuring. Statistical evaluation.

2. Length measures. Length measuring machines.

3. Measurement long dimensions. Calibration block of gauges.

4. Measurement in two coordinates. Microscopes.

5. Measurement in two coordinates. Profilprojectores.

6. Thread measuring.

7. Angles measuring. Angle gauge, squares, polygons, levels. Cones measuring.

8. Angles measuring. Optical dividing instruments.

9. Form - and position deviations. Measuring, evaluation.

10. Form - and position deviations. Measuring, evaluation.

11. Measurement in two coordinates. Microscopes and software M2D.

12. Measurement in three coordinates. Coordinate measuring machine.

13. Surface texture (microgeometry). Measuring and evaluation. Inclusion.

Study Objective:

Metrological services of industrial process. Geometrical quantities metrology (length, angle, Geometrical surface properties etc. Practic measurement and data evaluation.

Study materials:

- Dvořák, R. - Chmelík, V. - Marek, M.: Strojírenská metrologie. 1. vyd., Praha, ČVUT Praha, 1992, 122 s.

- Metrology in Industry: The Key for Quality (ISTE) by French College of Metrology

- Coordinate Metrology and CAx - Application in Industrial Production, Basics, Interfaces and Integration by Tilo Pfeifer, Dietrich Imkamp and Robert Schmitt

- Coordinate Measuring Machines and Systems (Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Processing) by John A. Bosch (Hardcover - Apr 10, 1995)

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