International Project Workshop

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Institute of Economic Studies

Presentation the project solutions and results to juries and deliberations

Syllabus of lectures:

The course starts with a one-week introductory camp in Prague in early February, is

followed by two and a half months of remote work in different groups of students and

ends with a final one-week workshop (and examination before a panel of experts) at the

University in Lille at the end of the April (or May).

List of the themes (specializations) for consideration of partner companies and lecturers

who will be coaching the groups of students:

Economy environment (Dr. Makovský)

Political culture (Dr. Vymětal)

Project Management (Dr. Fanta)

Applications (company mentors)

Finance (Dr. Makovský)

Operation Management (Dr. Makovský)

Innovations (Dr. Jemala)

International Strategy (Dr. Montenero)

Marketing, sales, retail (Dr. Skokanová)

International Human Resources (Dr. Montenero)

Consultancy, Audit, Accounting

Potential Partner Companies:




Komerční banka (Societé Generale)



Startup Yard

Syllabus of tutorials:

February 13, 2022-French students arrive in Prague

February 14, 2022-Kick-off meeting: 1. Opening by school direction, Czech and French authorities and business representatives; 2. Meeting by project with the presence of students and tutors; 3. Dinner together.

February 15 & 16, 2022-Start of students’ fieldwork: each student team takes ownership of the products, the company (its culture, its philosophy and its values) and the customer / market environment

February 17 & 18, 2022-Reminder of the rules of project management by the project tutor, Start of reflection work: first attempt to define an action plan, Presentation and discussion of the action plan with project tutor

February till mid-April, 2022--Each student team works on the project remotely (in some cases, it is planned to work in the premises of the partner company--Twice a month exchange between students and company tutor: answer to questions, progress update and possible reorientation

April 24, 2022---Czech students arrive in Lille

April 25-28, 2022---Writing of reports by student teams

Preparation of presentations – rehearsal

Presentation the project solutions and results to juries and deliberations

Study Objective:

to learn to work within the multicultural and multidisciplinary teams with the students of partner universities on topics relating to business economy and management

▪ to develop ways to employ and utilize the theoretical knowledge acquired during the learning period in the area of international business


▪ to know the practical side of business operations and issues, usually to which the

industry and the specific companies are faced

▪ to learn how to deal with and to resolve some urgent issues of the daily, short or

long-term operations of business companies

Study materials:

Obligatory literature:

Joan Magretta, What Management Is: How It Works and Why It’s Everyone’s Business

(London: Profile Books, 2013)

Peter Atrill, Financial Management for Decision Makers (London: Pearson, 2017, 8th ed.)

Stephen P. Robbins, Mary Coulter, Management (London: Pearson 2012, 11th ed.)

J. Paul Peter, James H. Donnelly, Marketing Management: Knowledge and Skills (Boston:

McGraw-Hill, 2010, 10th ed.)

Alan Sitkin, Nick Bowen, International business: challenges and choices (New York:

Oxford University Press, 2010, 7th ed.)

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