Hydrology and Pedology

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Department of Nuclear Chemistry

Hydrology is the discipline used to understand and design water management systems that are directly and indirectly related to the occurrence of water on, above and below the earth´s surface. The course includes basic hydrology, emphasizing an understanding of concepts, principles and ideas of hydrologic processes. Practical applications are presented for water quantity considerations and runoff volume and rate management, infiltration and soil water processes. Hydrology of reservoirs, wetlands and ground water is also presented.


Mathematics I, Physical Chemistry I

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Hydrosphere, hydrology, hydrological data, monitoring, classification and evaluation. Statistics and probability in hydrology. Frequency and distribution.

2. Meteorology and the hydrologic cycle. The atmosphere, water vapor, solar energy, wind, temperature. Weather systems, convective, orographic, cyclonic storms. Hydrologic cycle as mass balance.

3. Precipitation, the formation of precipitation, classification and measurement.

4. Average watershed precipitation. Rainfall excess, rainfall intensity. Runoff hydrographs, properties, records.

5. Evaporation, transpiration, evapotranspiration, measurement and evaluation of data.

6. Hydrology of surface water. Characterization of the watershed, watershed discharge. Riverstreams network. Streamflow, classification, measurement, computation

7. Water flow in open channels

8. Volume and peak discharge management

9. Hydrology of lakes and reservoirs, swamps and peat bogs.

10. Land systems, (geosphere), minerals, clays, soils. Inorganic and organic parts of soil, soil water. Energetic categories of soil water. Soil wetness, measurement, unsaturated, saturated soil.

11. Groundwater hydrology, porosity, permeability, factors affecting permeability

12. Aquifers and springs, movement of groundwater, flow in a confined aquifer, in an unconfined aquifer

13. Infiltration and drainage, well systems.

14. Hydrology of urban areas.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Students will be able to:

assess the behavior and properties of water in different parts of the hydrosphere - precipitation, surface water flow and stagnant, subsurface, soil and groundwater;

statistically evaluate hydrologic data to get the basic statistical characteristics;

to determine the retention or storage volume of dam based on the knowledge of the integral lines and their characteristics;

to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to other model examples.

Study materials:

A:Kemel M.:Hydrologie. Skripta ČVUT 2000,8001014568

A:Ward A.D.,Trimble S.W.,Environmental Hydrology. Lewis Publishers, 2004,1566706165

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