Radioactivity in the Environment

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Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

The course provides a comprehensive view of the source of ionizing radiation occurring in the environment.


The basic knowledge from dosimetry and detection of the ionizing radiation.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, quantities and units, Czech legislation and basic principles of dose estimation.

2. Cosmic radiation: origin, dose, measurement principles.

3. Radiocarbon dating: principles and practical applications.

4. Terrestrial radiation: origin, dose, measurement principles.

5. Detection equipment: basic principles and modern trends.

6. Introduction into the physics of radon: OAR, EOAR, radon in soil air.

7. Radon diagnostics: basic analysis and modern trends in evaluation of indoor radon concentration.

8. Impact of uranium mining: wastes and environmental contamination.

9. Artificial radioactivity.

10. Basic principles of nuclear accidents evaluation.

11. Nuclear fallout contamination.

12. Principles of nuclear wastes and materials storage.

13. Overview of basic analytical methods for measurement of radionuclides in environmental samples.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Basic calculations related to environmental radioactivity.

2. Detection of cosmic radiation: practical applications.

3. In situ measurement and sampling.

4. Practise in radon detection.

5. Measurement of surface contamination levels.

6. Demonstration of analytical methods for radionuclide analysis.

7. Basic calculations of radionuclide transport within the environment.

Study Objective:


Comprehension of individual ionizing radiation sources and evaluation of their relevance from radiation protection point of view. Knowledge of measurement methods and relationship between measured variables and calculated values.


Complex overview of individual components causing public irradiation and ability to determine effective dose .

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] L’Annunziata: Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis, Academic Press, 2012.

[2] IAEA: Protection of the Public against Exposure Indoors due to Radon and Other Natural Sources of Radiation. IAEA, Vienna, 2015.

[3] IAEA: Radioactive particles in the Environment:Sources, Particle Characterizationand Analytical Techniques. IAEA, Vienna, 2011.

Recommended references:

[4] IAEA: Guidelines for radioelement mapping using gamma ray spectrometry data. IAEA, Vienna, 2003.

[5] IAEA: Environmental andSource Monitoring for Purposes of RadiationProtection . IAEA, Vienna, 2005.

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