Synthesis and Optimization of Mechanical Systems

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Department of Mechanics, Biomechanics and Mechatronics

The aim is to learn how to formulate and perform machine synthesis and optimization and to use optimization methods for technical problems in machine design in general.

•Formulation of optimization problem, objective function, optimization variables, single-criterion and multi-criteria optimization.

•Basic types of local optimization methods (non-gradient, gradient, with constraint equations, penalty and barrier functions).

•Basic types of global optimization methods (Genetic algorithms - GA, Simulated annealing - SA, Particle swarm optimization - PSO and others);

•Multicriterial optimization, Pareto set

•Methods of ad hoc kinematic synthesis of mechanisms.

•Optimization problems for machine synthesis - transmission and guiding mechanisms.

•Optimization of mechanical systems - dexterity, working space, collisions.

•Optimization of dynamic properties of machines. Global dynamic problem.

•Identification of physical models using optimization methods.

•Calibration of mechanisms, optimization of calibration. Calibration using generalized least squares method.

•Optimization of controllability and observability of mechatronic systems.

•Multicriterial parametric optimization in feedback control synthesis.

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Study materials:

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