Theoretical Basis of Production Technologies

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Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

Theoretical basis of production technologies in the fields of: casting, forming, welding, surface treatment, machining.

• Thermodynamic bases of the melting process, physicochemical phenomena acting in the molding process in the formmetal system

• Kinetics of crystallization and solidification of foundry alloys

• Physical causes of elastic and plastic deformations. Voltage strainers, deformation and their use for forming processes

• Conditions of plasticity, models of hardening of material during forming

• The el. arc, thermodynamic processes and the use of various types of el. current for welding, heat conduction equations and heat balance. Methods of regulation welding parameters, static and dynamic characteristics of welding sources

• The origin of Joule's resistance heat and its use for the welding process, size and distribution of electrical resistance.

• Theory of corrosion and their forms, meaning and difference of potential, basics of electrochemistry

• Chip formation, primary and secondary plastic deformation in chip formation. Creation of increase, surface integrity, residual stresses and surface hardening

• Influence of the geometry of the cutting edge on these phenomena, forces, vibrations and temperatures during machining. Causes and forms of cutting edge, tool durability, machinability, cutting and cutting environment.

• Crystalline construction and classification of grinding materials, grinding tool construction, bonded, resilient and free abrasive.

• Creation of chips and surface formation during grinding, evaluation of the efficiency of the grinding process

• Similarity as the basis of modeling, system analysis, modeling of the production program structure and production systems.

• Assignment model, heuristic methods of solving mathematical models, branch and boundary method, mass control model, cluster analysis.

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• Marek, J. et al.: Design of CNC Machine Tools. MM publishing 2015 ISBN 978-80-260-8637-6

• Mádl, J.; Koutný, V.: Machinability of lead free copper alloys. Manufacturing Technology. 2015, 15(5), 870-875. ISSN 1213-2489.

• Marinescu, I.D. etc. Handbook Machining with Grinding Wheels. CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2007

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