Metallurgy of Casting Alloys

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Department of Manufacturing Technology

The series of lectures presents a compact collection of knowledge of properties, production methods and potential use of ferrous and non-ferrous casting alloys.

•Ferrous alloys for castings. Cast irons: fundamentals of crystallization and formation of cast iron structure.

•Factors affecting final crystallization and structure of cast iron. Melting of cast iron in a cupola furnace. Melting of cast iron in an electric furnace.

•Types of cast irons - characterisitics and production.

•Lamellar graphite cast iron. Effect of basic elements on properties. Extra-furnace metallurgy.

•Nodular cast iron. Metallurgical fundamentals of production of nodular cast iron. ADI cast irons. Cast irons with vermicular graphite.

•Malleable cast irons. Annealing cycles of malleable cast iron. Cast irons for specific applications.

•Steels for castings. Classification of steels for castings.

•Melting of steels in electric furnaces. Heat treatment of steels.

•Non-ferrous casting alloys. Characterisitic properties and applications.

•Aluminiumand aluminium alloys. Modification and innoculation of Al-Si alloys. Heat treatment of Al-Si alloys.

•Magnesium and magnesium alloys. Metallurgy and technology of Mg alloys.

•Copper and copper alloys. Bronzes and brasses. Further non-ferrous metals and alloys. Zinc, tin and lead alloys. Nickel and titanium alloys.

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•Complete Casting Handbook , 2nd Edition ,eBook ISBN :9780081001202 , Butterworth-Heinemann 2015

•Foundry Technology 2nd Edition , eBook ISBN : ISBN :9780080506890 , Butterworth-Heinemann 2001

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•Stephen H. Davis, Theory of Solidification, Cambridge University Press, 2001, ISBN 9780521650809

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