Embedded Hardware

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NIE-EHW Z,ZK 5 2P+1C English
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Jan Schmidt
Jan Schmidt
Jan Schmidt
Department of Digital Design

The course brings basic laws that govern digital design and basic techniques to use them. It deals with both large and small scale systems. This is the base of advanced embedded systems, that profit from their specialized structure for effective computation and acceleration. Design of fast custom computing machines is discussed, including standardized means of internal communication, parallelism extraction and utilization in special structures and system architectures.


BIE-ČAO or equivalent knowledge about electrical circuits.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Time in digital circuits. Timing models, synchronous circuits

2. Time in digital systems. Clock domains.

3. Digital circuits. Delay and power at the circuit level, circuit scaling.

4. Digital signals. Signal integrity, signal standards.

5. Jitter and noise in timing and decision level, jitter reduction techniques, clocck management.

6. Powe estimation and reduction at the system level.

7. Latency and throughput, system radius (latency to transfer time ratio). Quatitative approach to system architecture.

8. Communications in small-radius systems. Hierarchical communication architectures.

9. Communication in large-radius systems. Advanced serial communication. Networks on a chip.

10. Parallel computation in dedicated hardware, computation scaling, optimality criteria.

11. Architecture scaling

12. System-level design and models.

13. Digital design workflow and decomposition.

Syllabus of tutorials:

The seminars are project-oriented. Project teams are composed of students from the NIE-EHW and NIE-ESW courses. The teams design advanced embedded systems using high-level methods, or test such methods, or evaluate their results. Basic project management is required.

Study Objective:

To know how to design an efficient architecture for an advanced embedded system.

Study materials:

1. Gu, C. : Building Embedded Systems: Programmable Hardware. Apress, 2016. ISBN 9781484219188.

2. Barkalov, A. - Titarenko, L. - Mazurkiewicz, M. : Foundations of Embedded Systems. Springer, 2019. ISBN 3030119602.

3. Mohit, A. : Embedded System Design: Introduction to SoC System Architecture. Learning Bytes Publishing, 2016. ISBN 0997297204.

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