Opthalmology - Patology, Clinic II.

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Department of Natural Sciences

The course focuses on basic retinal diseases, their conservative and surgical treatment, general diseases and their influence on the eye, congenital eye defects, eye diseases of childhood, neuro-ophthalmology and traumatology in ophthalmology. Instruction links students to the integration of anatomy, pathological anatomy and physiology with the fundamentals of effective pharmacotherapy. The teaching follows modern trends in the diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions, and is supplemented by video presentations of interesting cases and demonstrations of interesting case reports from clinical practice. Theoretical teaching is closely linked to the topics of the lectures and connected with practical exercises aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills in practical investigation of a given pathology of the eye. Using quizzes, students can continuously check their knowledge and ability to remember the lectured material. In terms of theory and practice, the main emphasis is on the student's ability to acquire the most important knowledge that they will be able to use in practical life in their future profession as an optometrist.

Exercises at the FBMI CTU will be followed by a tour of the departments of the Eye Clinic JL, where they participate in the operation at the patient's bedside and directly in the operating room. They will participate in cataract surgery procedures using modern technologies such as virtual navigation system and femtosecond laser. They will also be able to test their knowledge using a 3D virtual reality studio designed for ophthalmology training. They will have a guided tour of the MRI department.

The students also participate in practical blocks at ophthalmology clinical departments (Ophthalmology Department of Kladno Hospital, Ophthalmology Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague and Ophthalmology Department of Kolín Hospital), where they get acquainted with the organization of operation, instrumentation, participate in the examination of patients under the guidance of ophthalmologists in general and specialized departments such as retinal or glaucoma outpatient clinics.

By completing the course, students gain a broad theoretical and practical overview of the problems and diagnosis of eye diseases, including their treatment or surgical intervention.


Assesment: active participation on the solution of the exercises

Examination: fulfilment of requirements for assesment, knowledge covering conect of the course

Syllabus of lectures:

- Introductory lecture (basic concepts in ophthalmology, repetition of the previous semester)

- Retinal physiology (circulatory disorders, age-related changes, inflammation, macular diseases)

- Neuro-ophthalmology (optic nerve, inflammation, edema, atrophy, optic nerve chiasma, pupillary nerve, nystagmus)

- Eye and general diseases Part 1 (endocrine orbitopathy, diabetes and the eye)

- Eye and general diseases part 2 (AIDS, Lyme disease, systemic diseases)

- Tumours (extrabulbar and intrabulbar tumours)

- Injuries to the eye (contusions, penetrating and perforating injuries to the eye)

- Paediatric ophthalmology

- Congenital ocular changes, neonatal changes, congenital glaucoma and cataract

- Self monitoring, artificial intelligence in ophthalmology

Syllabus of tutorials:

- Common induction exercises (topics, timetable, practical blocks, requirements)

- Use of lasers in ophthalmology and refractive surgery (LASER concept - basics and interactions, incision, PRK, LASIK, ReLEx, INTRACORE...)

- Retinal and vitreous examination methods (physical principles and technologies of retinal diagnostics: ophthalmoscopy, OCTangiography, photofundu, AF, FAG, etc.)

- Pathological findings of the retina and vitreous, principles of surgery - analysis of findings and diagnoses (CME, macular hole, AMD...) and how to deal with them in optometric practice

- Diagnostic methods of neuro-ophthalmology (innervation, perimetry, ERG, VEPY, EOG, visual pathway)

- Practical training at the Eye Clinic JL I. (specialized outpatient clinics, magnetic resonance imaging, operating room, Virtual reality studio)

- Practical training at the Eye Clinic JL II (specialized outpatient clinics, magnetic resonance, operating room, Virtual reality studio)

Study Objective:

Diseases and therapy of the eye.

Study materials:

[1] KASCHKE, M, DONNERHACKE, K.-H., RILL, MS. Optical devices in ophthalmology and optometry: technology, design principles, and clinical applications. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, c2014. ISBN: 978-352-7410-682.

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