Contact Lenses I.

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Department of Natural Sciences

Contact lens history and development. Contact lens terminology. Manufacturing methods. Classification of contact lenses and their materials. Material properties. Contact lens designs. Different methods of contact lens wearing and replacement. Contact lens care: composition and principles of action. Indications and contraindications of contact lenses. Spherical soft and rigid lenses. Instrumentation of contact lens practice. Patient history, basic examination and contact lens selection. Instructions regarding handling and contact lens care. Contact lens insertion and removal.


Credit: last hour automatically in the case of good test results and 70% participation, or compensatory need to succeed in final written work

Testing: oral test, 2 questions from each group

Syllabus of lectures:

1. History of contactology: the evolution of materials, design and the way contact lenses are worn

2. Contact lens materials 1: the basics of the chemical structure of each type of material

3. Contact lens materials 2: classification of materials according to different classifications

4. Manufacturing processes: manufacturing processes and their application to different types of contact lenses

5. Physiology of the ocular surface: anatomy and physiology of the tear film, cornea and adnexa from the contact lens technician's point of view

6. Examination of the anterior segment of the eye: examination of the tear film, imaging methods of corneal shape and structure

7. Examinations related to the application of contact lenses: history, examination procedure before and after lens application, methods of dispensing

8. Contact lens-related examinations: refraction and vision examination with respect to contact lenses, physiological findings and findings representing relative and absolute contraindications to contact lens wear

9. Pathophysiology of contact lens wear: the effect of contact lenses on the eye and the ocular adnexa

10. Basic parameters of contact lenses and their relevance to practice: lens design, curvature, diameter, distribution by design

11. Basic properties of contact lenses: transport properties, especially oxygen permeability and transmissibility, botnation and mechanical properties, surface properties - wettability

12. Overview of contact lenses and application procedures: overview of different types of contact lenses, theoretical basis of application procedures

13. overview of contact lenses, wearing methods and lens care: contact lens wearing modes, advantages and disadvantages of different wearing methods, contact lens requirements and eye condition for different wearing methods, basic contact lens care

14. Summary of learning, final test

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction to contact lenses, contact practice equipment, NZZ

2. Keratometry, ARK, evaluation of corneal parameters

3. Types of contact lenses, regimen and frequency of contact lens wear

4. Contact lens history and selection, contraindications - relative, absolute

5. Refraction with regard to correction of CP, spherical equivalent, spherocyl. conversion, VD conversion

6. Examination before application of CP - macroscopy, basics of biomicroscopy PS - diffuse illumination, tear film evaluation

7. PS biomicroscopy - direct illumination - optical section, parallel section

8. Handling, application, removal of CS

9. Complications during application - anatomical and parametric differences

10. Evaluation of the applied CP, visus, centration, motility, push-up test

11. Care of the CP, means of care, patient education

12. Complications of wearing the AC - infection, damage to the AC, neovascularisation...

13. First follow-up with fitted CPs, evaluation, all, recommendations

14. Summary, demonstration application and evaluation on slit lamp

Study Objective:

Anamnesis, basic investigation and choose of contact lenses

Study materials:

[1] BARON, H., EBEL J.: Kontaktlinsen. 1-3. díl. DOZ Verlag Heidelberg, 2008, ISBN: 978-3-922269-82-3

[2] ROTH, H. W.: Contact lens complications : etiology, pathogenesis, prevention, therapy, Stuttgart: Thieme, 2003. ISBN: 1-5889-0132-7

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[4] EFRON, N., Contact Lens Complications, ed. 4th, Edinburgh: Elsevier-Saunders, 2019, ISBN 978-0-7020-7611-4

[5] PHILLIPS, A. J., SPEEDWELL, L.: Contact Lenses E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018, Oxford, ISBN: 0-7020-7169-2

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