Geometric and Opthalmic Optics

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Department of Natural Sciences

This course focuses on basics of geometrical optics and its applications in the field of optical design of simple optical elements and systems (lenses, mirrors, prisms, telescopes, etc.). The second part of the course deals with a description and analysis of a human eye as an optical imaging system. The design and analysis of various types of spectacle lenses for correction of refraction errors is presented.


Credit condition - 80% presence, successful passing the mid-term and final test.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Light and its properties, basics of geometrical optics

2. Imaging using simple optical elements

3. Imaging using compound optical elements and systems

4. Parameters and properties of optical elements and systems

5. Aberrations of optical elements and systems

6. Basic optical instruments and their properties, human eye and its optical system

7. Aberrations of human eye and possibilities of their correction, correction of refractive errors using spectacle lenses

8. Types of spectacle lenses, their parameters and design

9. Spectacle lenses with spherical surfaces

10. Prismatic effect of spectacle lenses

11. Spectacle lenses with aspherical surfaces

12. Multifocal and progressive spectacle lenses

13. Vision correction using spectacle lenses

14. Testing of parameters of spectacle lenses

Syllabus of tutorials:

Subject matter of excersises follows lectures.

Study Objective:

Basics of geometrical and ophthalmic optics.

Study materials:

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[2] RUTRLE, M. Brýlová optika, 2.vyd. Brno, Inst. pro další vzdělávání pracovníků ve zdravotnictví v Brně, 1993. ISBN: 80-7013-145-4.

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[7] SCHWARTZ, S.H. Geometrical and Visual Optics, 3rd ed. Mcgraw Hill Medical, 2019. ISBN: 9781260121094.

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